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It’s Time To Dust Off Harold’s Bandages Because Under Wraps Is Coming Back To Disney Channel!

It’s Time To Dust Off Harold’s Bandages Because Under Wraps Is Coming Back To Disney Channel!

We know you all remember this classic Disney Channel original movie. As a matter of fact, Under Wraps was the very first DCOM to hit our tv screens back in 1997. We grew up obsessed with its witty storyline and creative characters, and now we’re about to relive the Disney magic!

Image Source: Original movie cover/Disney Channel/Buena Vista Media

Disney has announced a remake of the classic film, and we’re pretty stoked to see Harold (the comedic mummy) brought to life again. Hopefully, he still gets back home in time to be with his lady love for all of eternity- “All by myself, don’t wanna be all by myself.”

Christian J. Simon, Malachi Barton, Sophia Hammons, and Phil Wright have all been cast as the stars of the film, and we do not doubt that they are going to crush their roles as these nostalgic, comedic heroes.

Image Source: Nicholas Gilligan, Felicia Barton, Tamara Tihanyi, Eric McCandless

In case you need a refresher on just what this movie is about, here’s how the new plot goes, and it seems to align pretty well with the old version:

The story unfolds when Gilbert (Simon), Marshall (Barton) and Amy (Hammons) happen upon and awaken a mummy, which they affectionately name Harold (Wright), and must rush to return him to his resting place before midnight on Halloween. Along the way, the team narrowly escapes a nefarious group of criminals intent on selling the mummy to the highest bidder. When Harold is inevitably captured, Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy must band together to stand up to the criminals, face their fears, and rescue their new—but rather “ancient”—friend.

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We are giddy inside just thinking about it! As long time fans of this Disney Channel Original Movie, we are excited to see the new take on the old film, and we expect the new cast to do it justice.

Image Source: Tenor

The new version is set for release in 2021 and will premiere on the Disney Channel. We can’t wait to see what Harold has been up to the last 23 years! Until then, you can watch the old version on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play. Trust us- it’s worth the watch!

Image Source: Tenor

Are you excited about the newest Disney remake of Under Wraps? Have you seen the old version? What do you think of the movie? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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