Fall In Love With LOONA All Over Again With ‘Star’

Fall In Love With LOONA All Over Again With ‘Star’

LOONA just released the music video for ‘Star,’ and it’s absolutely beautiful.

LOONA‘s second comeback of the year has been another level of success. Their album debuted at No.112 on the Billboard 200 chart, making them the first independent K-pop girl group to debut. [12:00] has broken their personal records in every single way. And almost a month after the release of said album, LOONA released the music video for the English version of ‘Voice,’ otherwise known as ‘Star.’ 

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From the very beginning, ‘Star’ was a fan-favorite. Both versions of the song were well received by fans everywhere. ‘Star’ is an energetic song with an addictive beat with lyrics that talk about the excitement of being in love. The girls’ vocals are showcased so beautifully, and the choreography is addictive to watch. We’re so glad this song ended up having a music video – because it really deserves it, and they did it justice for sure!

The music video was directed by Moswantd and produced by Bravo Peak. One can see the inspiration from LOONA’s Midnight Festival mixed with Sleeping Beauty and, of course, the cosmos. And it all came together into a beautiful and ethereal music video. It follows LOONA as they wake up within a dream and chase their goals and aspirations after discovering themselves. Throughout the video, stars appear, and they, of course, represent Orbits, their fandom. In other words, with this stunning music video, LOONA it clear that as they chase their dreams, Orbits will always be there to illuminate them.

What did you think of LOONA’s new music video for ‘Star?’ What was your favorite part? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.


Image featured source: Courtesy of BlockBerry Creative

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