Join Yungblud on the Weird Time Of Life Tour!

Join Yungblud on the Weird Time Of Life Tour!

Yungblud has officially kicked off his Weird Time Of Life tour! The first show has already taken place for his London fans! 

Image Source: courtesy of Tom Pallant

The Weird Time Of Life tour setlist came with the perfect mix of old fan favorites and new never before heard songs! We cannot wait to see what is to come from the next 15 dates on this tour! But we know one thing is for sure, Yungblud is not going to disappoint us! 

Make sure that you don’t miss Yungblud on his virtual tour this year. You can still purchase tickets for select dates here

The thing I miss about playin shows is the individuality of every night, the different faces, the different energy, but most of all the different cultures. our community may be from different parts of the world yet we have similar beliefs, it is incredible. I wanted to do a show for as many cities as i could, playing songs off my new album for the first time. This album helped me so much and I wanted to bring it to the fans with all the energy, all the passion, all the love and all the fucking rage that went into it. Just because we can’t touch each other, doesn’t mean we can’t feel each other. I’ll see you in your city.

-Yungblud (Dominic Harrison)

As if the Weird Time Of Life tour is isn’t exciting enough, Yungblud’s new album Weird! is just around the corner! The album is due out on December 4th and is available for pre-order here

We are so excited that the Weird Time Of Life tour has finally kicked off, and we cannot wait to catch one of the shows! But we want to hear from you! Are you planning on seeing one of the shows? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or find us over on Facebook and Instagram

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Featured image source courtesy of Tom Pallant.

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