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A Message of Comfort and Healing: Here is What BTS Had To Say About Their New Album BE

A Message of Comfort and Healing: Here is What BTS Had To Say About Their New Album BE

ARMY, are you ready for BE? The time has finally arrived, and we are so excited for what we know will be one of the year’s best albums! Just a couple of hours before its release, BTS held a press conference for the album, and of course, THP was watching and listening (and taking notes quicker than we have ever before). Dressed to impress, BTS (minus SUGA, who is recovering from his shoulder surgery – we hope you’re resting and doing well!) shared with all those watching the press conference what went into making this album, an album that is the result of “…the participation of all members” from start to finish. It is the most “BTS-Esque” album to date, and the boys shared their goals, song meanings, and the message they hope to convey through BE. If you weren’t able to watch, don’t worry, we have all the details you need to know before you dive into BE and get your streaming playlists going!

Be is a verb…so it has a very open meaning, so we thought that it could be really good to contain our stories and more diverse stories into the album.

Jimin on the title for the album

Image Source: Courtesy of BigHit

The Process

The creative process for BE may be the most personal out of any previous album BTS has released. BE has been in the works for quite some time, even before the boys decided to release their single ‘Dynamite;’ they promoted the song while working on the album. The boys shared that not only did they each take on their roles for the album, but for the first time, they shared the album-making process through videos and live streams with ARMY, something that in the past would have been kept secret. RM shared that by doing this, it felt like they made this album together with the fans, and it was a way to stay connected with them since COVID-19 has prevented them from doing in-person concerts and touring. 

It’s like a good restaurant sharing their secret recipe with each other. We kinda thought that we were doing that with the fans. We had no choice but to do that, and I believe it was the right choice, so we wanted to feel like we were connected to the fans, and we hope that fans felt the same way.

RM regarding sharing the album making process with ARMY

The members then discussed some of the roles they took on for creating the album. Jimin, V, and Jungkook all got to discuss how they played a part in the album’s production, other than writing and composing the songs on the album; Jimin was tasked with Music PM after a strong suggestion from SUGA, V was the Visual Director, who found strength from his members and ARMY to get the job done, and Jungkook become Director Jungkook, as he took to filming and directing the MV for ‘Life Goes On.’ 

When you hear the song ‘Life Goes On,’ what I wanted to emphasize was reality and also sincerity and authenticity.

Jungkook on directing the MV for ‘Life Goes On’

Each of them did their part in capturing their emotions and BTS in their everyday life. And while Jimin kept jokingly saying, “I really didn’t do too much” when it came to being PM, we know he and the rest of the group excelled in their roles and produced a stellar album.

It was kind of nervous to take on the role of Visual Director, but ARMY and our fans supported me a lot, so I did it. I made it!

V on his role as Visual Director for the album

Image Source: Courtesy of BigHit

The Tracks

The boys then discussed each song on the album, an album that conveys comfort, healing, and hope. The title track ‘Life Goes On’ has a straightforward message that life goes on no matter what happens. As said by RM, “‘Dynamite’ and [‘Life Goes On’] has the same roots.” ‘Dynamite’ was a song that fit well for the summer; fun, energetic, and vibrant. While it carries the same message, ‘Life Goes On’ is softer and authentic, and BTS’s way of providing healing and consolation that life continues to go on. BTS wanted to express this message in their warm way, thus creating the title track.

BTS, we always want to talk about or discuss “what can we say now, what should we say now?” This is where everything starts and this is where this song started as well.

RM on title track ‘Life Goes On’

‘Fly To My Room’ aka ‘How To Travel in My Room’ in Korean, is a unit song featuring Jimin, SUGA, j-hope, and V. “I’m sure you thought it was a very unique name and concept,” said Jimin, who further went on to explain the song’s meaning. It’s a song about the current situation that we find ourselves in, how we cannot travel or go freely as we please, and how the idea of traveling will change in the future. But don’t be fooled; Jimin says that this is not a sad song, but a fun one!

‘Blue & Grey’ is the track that V participated in. It’s an acoustic pop-ballad and expresses sadness and depression, which we often see described with blue and grey (hence the name). While the song is a bit darker, V ensures that the guitar provides a warm sound that will invoke a warm emotion!

Next is ‘Telepathy,’ a retro-pop disco song created by SUGA, and expresses their emotions of not meeting with their fans due to COVID-19. Jin took to the mic to explain the song’s meaning and how when BTS are with their fans; these are the moments when they are the happiest. While they are ‘Momentarily’ (which is the song’s Korean name) away from their fans, this song expresses that BTS is always with the ARMY. 

j-hope took a prominent part when writing the lyrics for the track ‘Dis-ease,’ a very impactful name given the times. He discusses how everyone deals with their own type of “mental disease or illness in one way or another.” It is about “the disease of our own profession.” j-hope shares his struggles when the group would take a break during the pandemic; it wasn’t a break that we usually think of, but one that was filled with uncertainty and was uncomfortable. This song is a message of hope and overcoming those difficulties. 

‘Stay,’ a song that Jungkook participated in the making of is a unit song between him, RM, and Jin! It’s a new unit combination, and it has a “very unique color that we haven’t seen before.” It’s a fun yet emotional song, carrying the meaning that we always stay together even when we are physically far apart.

The album ends with ‘Dynamite,’ a song that, according to RM, there was much debate about whether to include the track on the album. However, they decided to end with it, to bring listeners a hopeful conclusion that represents the end of a BTS concert with the fireworks and energy!

BTS is good at overcoming difficulties…so we also wanted to share this message of hope and about the future, a bright future.

j-hope about the meaning of the track ‘Dis-ease’

The Future

You may be wondering why we didn’t include the fourth track, ‘Skit,’ in the above section with the tracks. Well, that is because the ‘Skit,’ which the boys have not included in three years on their albums, is very special and deserves a little section of its own. It is the boys’ reactions to them finding out that ‘Dynamite’ reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100! In Jungkook’s own words, they were a bit ‘chaotic.’

See Also

Including this on the album adds to the personal touch that BTS has discussed so much. Hitting the No. 1 spot was a career-defining moment for the group and another page in the history books. It’s a history that BTS plan to write more of, as the topic of the Grammy’s was brought up. The boys expressed their hopes for receiving a nomination and plan to stay up for the nomination announcements.

A highlight from these questions about their future and their hopes was the continuous reference to SUGA, who always handles these questions for the group, never shying away from his goals and dreams. Jin and RM discussed these topics, and we think they expressed these wishes perfectly and made SUGA proud. As ARMY always says, “what Min Yoongi wants, Min Yoongi gets,” and we hope that come the 25th, we will be celebrating with BTS over a Grammy nomination, one that is long overdue.

…We feel frustrated, we feel sad. All of these emotions are what we wanted to contain in an honest way in this album and I hope that this can resonate with people and many people will be able to say “yes, thats how I feel as well.”

Jin regarding the message for this album

Image Source: BigHit via Twitter

A Group That Always Delivers

Without a doubt, BTS is a group that delivers on their promise of an album made to heal and comfort listeners. Hearing the members speak about the album and their roles in producing makes it significantly more personal. By the way, BTS discusses the album; you can tell that this not just another comeback for them. The seven members express a time in history that we are all facing together, even though we are apart. Through this album, BTS says that they are still here with ARMY, and they know what they are going through because they feel the frustration. BE is meant to allow fans to feel their emotions and start healing, not alone, but along with BTS, who are also healing themselves. BE is going to be that album for BTS, and we are living for it. 

We want to hear from you ARMY! What are your thoughts on BE? Have a favorite lyric or track? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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