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BTS Make Sure You Know ‘Life Goes On’ with BE

BTS Make Sure You Know ‘Life Goes On’ with BE

BTS just released their latest album, BE, with the title track ‘Life Goes On,’ and it’s something we all need in our life.

After much teasing, BTS’ second album of the year is finally here, and it did not disappoint. BE has everything that was promised to us and much more. With eight tracks, including their massive hit ‘Dynamite’ and a skit – this may be one of their best releases to date. All the members were very involved in the creation of the album, which makes the album more real and raw, and it’s just themBE was heavily influenced by the world’s situation during the pandemic, which makes all of these songs so special, and very much needed at the moment.

Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

‘Life Goes On’

Life Goes On‘ is not only the first song on the album, but it’s also the main single. Needless to say, ‘Life Goes On’ is one of the most comforting songs BTS has ever released.

According to RM, the song was written before ‘Dynamite,’ but both songs were created to carry a message of comfort – and they do in very different ways. While ‘Dynamite’ is fun and energetic, ‘Life Goes On’ is a more chill, laid-back song focused on a soft guitar. The lyrics are much deeper as well and talk directly about the pandemic. The soft (but powerful) vocals and the more bright raps matched together create a perfect comfort song. The concept of it can be perfectly summarized by a part of j-hope’s verse:

“Stopped for now but don’t hide in the shadow. Once again daylight will glow.”

We’ve seen Jungkook’s G.C.F. videos, and we all knew what he was capable of doing, and this music video shows it better than anything as he directed it. The music video shows all the members going through their daily routine, hanging out together, and having fun in their houses. However, it shifts for the last chorus as all seven members are on the stage – because even though everything feels stopped and there’s nothing much to do: life still goes on, and for them, that means doing concerts and delivering outstanding music.

Before The Skit…

With only eight songs, the album still takes you through different dynamics. There’s a big difference between the after and before of the fourth track – meaning the ‘Skit.’

The album starts pretty slow and melancholic with ‘Life Goes On’ and goes right into a new subunit composed of SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, and V for ‘Fly To My Room.’ The song is a chill, heartfelt song with a bit of a soul influence. This combination was so interesting to see. They definitely created something special that’s very accurate- given the current world context.

And then we got one of the most beautiful ballads BTS has ever released: ‘Blue & Grey.’ They teased the song in one of the episodes of In The Soop, but we still weren’t ready for the heartbreak this song would bring. This song, in a way, resembles one of V’s solo songs, ‘Winter Bear.’ The beautiful and delicate vocals matched with the soft rap and the melancholic instrumental will get right to your heart. It’s such a deeply sad song.

Now, if you’re new to BTS, you may not know that they used to include skits in most of their albums. Indeed, the last skit we got was in Love Yourself: Her. It was their acceptance speech at the Billboard Music Awards where they won their first big western award. It was a massive milestone for them. However, this time they recorded the skit the night they got their first No. 1 on the Billboard Chart with ‘Dynamite’ earlier this year, another huge milestone.

Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

After The Skit…

With this skit, the mood in this BTS album completely changes from the initial song, ‘Life Goes On.’ We go from crying our eyes out to ‘Telepathy,’ a track that approaches more the vibe of ‘Dynamite.’ The bass in this track is absolutely addicting. The lyrics talk about how the members of BTS are the happiest with ARMY, and even if they can’t see them right now, they’re still together.

‘Dis-ease’ is such a fun song as well with very witty lyrics. There’s some influence from hip-hop, and j-hope’s input is felt from A to Z when it comes to this song. If there’s one thing to remember from this album, it’s the bridge in ‘Dis-ease.’ Jimin wrote it in three-to-four minutes (which is insane if you ask us, but that’s what talented people do.) The build-up of the song leading up to that bridge is also incredible

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Along the lines of the concept for ‘Telepathy,’ we also have the seventh track: ‘Stay.’ This is another new subunit composed by RM, Jin, and Jungkook. While being quiet, soft, and comforting, the song does have a drop and goes into EDM. We’ve seen Jungkook and Jin’s vocals fit together perfectly, many times, especially in ‘Jamais Vu’ from Map Of The Soul: 7. So, it’s even more interesting to see them teaming up together once again, but this time in a more upbeat song and with RM.

And the album eventually wraps up with ‘Dynamite’ – which at this point needs no introduction. This song was on the Billboard Charts for nine weeks and broke almost every record possible. ‘Dynamite’ definitely never gets old, and it was a great way to end a perfect album.

In Conclusion…

With BE, BTS released an album we all needed in our lives: songs that represent the past year but also songs to have fun and enjoy life. ‘Life Goes On’ is not only the name of the title track, but it’s also the concept of the whole album. BE starts quite sad and then picks up, representing that at the end of the day, no matter how bad things get: life does go on.

What did you think of the album? What was your favorite track? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.


Featured Image Source: ‘Life Goes On’ Music Video via Big Hit Entertainment

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