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Katy Perry And Coca-Cola Teamed Up To Bring Hope To 2020

Katy Perry And Coca-Cola Teamed Up To Bring Hope To 2020


Yep, Katy Cats- Listen up! Coca-Cola and Katy Perry have announced the launch of a new music project, and we are hyped! Katy and Coca-Cola have come together to re-imagine the fan’s favorite song, ‘Resilient,’ off of the singer’s latest album Smile. The superstar partnered up with DJ/producer Tiësto and rising star Aitana for this remix. The song aims to be an uplifting, inclusive anthem for the current times we’re living in; the track launched Friday, November 13th on BBC Radio 1 Best New Pop. We surely can’t stop listening to this bop! You can listen to it on your favorite platform here!

We Are ‘Resilient’

The song came about to be part of Coca-Cola’s new campaign because, for more than 136 years, Coca-Cola has used its voice to help unite people across the world. In response to the current crisis, they launched the Open platform. There, the campaign highlights how the world has changed and to appreciate what was perhaps previously taken for granted. So, they are collaborating with Katy Perry to spread a message of hope and positivity. That is something especially the next generation needs since lockdown has meant that young people have missed out on life-defining moments from proms and graduations to just being with their friends face-to-face. ‘Resilient’ is dedicated to them, and we really feel this one!

To me, this campaign is about growing through challenges. I think the song ‘Resilient’ ties so well into that because being resilient is getting back up after you fall, growing from failure, and getting through that challenge. I loved the unity perspective Aitana brought to the song, and how it evolves the message into the importance of being resilient as a group. It’s not always just about personal growth, we need to grow together too!

Katy Perry

Some Positive Words From The Artists

We certainly agree. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to be resilient and trying to get through the hard times. We bet that fans appreciate this song just as much as we do and receive some strength and hope from it. Better days will be coming! The collaborators of the remix also had some very encouraging words!

Whether through my music or my live performances, creating feel-good and uplifting moments is my passion! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join forces with Katy Perry and Aitana for this project with Coca-Cola – our mission is to inspire much-needed optimism and happiness in our world, particularly during this time!


We agree, Tiësto! Katy Cats, do you feel the optimism radiating through the screen? We are all in this together, and we will grow as people through this. Let’s hope for a brighter future.

Getting to work with Katy Perry on one of her singles feels like I am dreaming! With the incredible Tiësto involved as well, and Coca Cola’s important vision for this partnership, I hope this new version of ‘Resilient’ provides a moment of upliftment and happiness for people that are facing any challenge, big or small.


‘Resilient’ always gets fans in a better mood, and challenges don’t seem as suffocating when listening to this bop! We are grateful for this new project and hope you enjoy it just as much as we do! We are excited to see what else is in-store! What do you think about this new project? And do you like this new remix of ‘Resilient?’ Tell us in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Kristen Kanopka via Universal Music Group

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