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Powfu Releases some boring love stories pt. 5 & We’re In Our Feelings

Powfu Releases some boring love stories pt. 5 & We’re In Our Feelings

If the name Powfu sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Earlier this year, he had a massive hit with beabadoobee with ‘deathbed (coffee for your head),’ after it went viral on TikTok and made its way into the charts! 

And now he is back with some boring love stories pt. 5, which like parts 1-4, have emotional tales of love with poignant and touching moments. However, part 5 has a special place in our hearts, so sit back, soak in our words, and let us tell you why!

The collection kicks off with ‘no promises’ ft. Scapegoat and immerses you immediately. With the deliciously passionate vocals and lyrics laced over a blissful dream trance beat, it’s hard not to feel like you have been emotionally transported to that deep place in your soul where you guessed it, you get in your feelings.

This is then followed by ‘the fire in your eyes keeps me warm,’ which has the vibe of pure poetic beauty that transcends everything—for fear of love only being temporary.

Our standout and the favorite track is the previously released, ‘when the hospital was my home,’ which was inspired by the movie Five Feet Apart, it is a heart-wrenching tale from a hospital bed’s perspective. Watching the world go by and adjusting and going through all that pain for love. Only to have to say goodbye in the end anyway. If you can listen to this song without shedding a tear, we would like to know how!?

’17again,’ which was also dropped before the EP release, has all the feelings of nostalgic first love. The first time you felt that feeling and never wanting that to slip away.

We then fall into the power of ‘throw it all away’ ft. Jomie. Which also reminds us of that first love but fearing rejection. Throw it all away while we holding hands, or you know, we can just be friends? Let’s be honest, a relatable mood!

Then comes along another pre-release track, ‘stay4ever,’ ft. Mounika is a scaled-down beautiful piece of music. Just lay back and listen to the blissful voices blend and enjoy the wish of a love-neverending!

Nearing the end of our journey on this EP, we are blessed with ‘silver linings,’ a song of hope, and wishing to find the reasons to stay together and fight for what you have. We have a feeling this song is for going to be that one that we frequently revisit. The layers of this track have us discovering something new we enjoy every time we check it out!

Finally, with ‘clash of the titans,’ we got strong Hellogoodbye vibes with this bop, which is certainly not bad. The vocals’ energy and the punchy instrumental provide an uplifting force to the end of the EP, which honestly has us craving more. So if you could feed us pt. 6 sometime soon, Powfu, that would be fab!


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In the meantime, we will be here listening to these musical gems on repeat!

Have you checked out Powfu and his EP yet? Are you vibing as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach out to us on  Facebook or Instagram!

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