Things We Want to See From Emily In Paris Season Two

Things We Want to See From Emily In Paris Season Two

Netflix’s Emily In Paris has been such a welcomed escape amidst the craziness of the world so we are delighted that it’s been renewed for a second season.

There’s so much more we need to see, so we have collated a list of things that we hope happens on the next season.

Justice for Camille

Fans are all waiting to see what happens next with the Emily/Gabriel/Camille love triangle and have all sorts of theories on what should happen next.

Regardless of the undeniable chemistry which drew Emily and Gabriel to each other, where does that leave Camille? She has been nothing but sweet as pie and is as devoted to being a friend to Emily, than she is being Gabriel’s girlfriend. As much as people have speculated that the trio can embark in some sort of open relationship – we think she deserves better and are rooting for her to find happiness.

A Happy Ending for Mindy

We would not be mad at all if S2 was renamed to Mindy In Paris. The exuberant character played by Ashley Park was a highlight of the series and the friendship between her and Emily was an integral part of the storyline. We would love to see Mindy shine in terms of pursuing her musical career and finding a French beau.

The Julien and Luc Double Act

The Savoir pairing was a source of comic relief during Season One and we would love to see more of them. Especially how their characters interact out of the office and, we think they have so much more potential than we have seen. Can you imagine them with Mindy? What an iconic trio that would be!

The Tea on Antoine

The dashing William Abadie plays Antoine, owner of perfumerie Maison Lavaux who is in partnership with Savoir. The married businessman is having an illicit affair with Emily’s boss Sylvie and seems to be enamored with the American herself. What we’ve seen of Antoine is that he’s very charming, and there seems to be a mystery of what his exact intentions are. We’d like more back story into who he is, and his relationship with both his wife and Sylvie, as well as what his plans are for the ladies he keeps close to him.

The Grittiness of Paris

There’s been a lot of argument in terms of how unrealistic Emily In Paris is. Whilst we agree that it’s entertainment and a welcome distraction to the world we live in today, we would like to see other sides of Paris that we haven’t seen. There’s no way in hell that the city is that glamorous 100% of the time.

More Gabriel

We can never have too much Gabriel on the screen, can we? We want to know more about him, his background, and what makes him tick… and don’t get us started on that accent!

Character Development for Emily

Whilst she flourished in her career on the first season, we didn’t actually get to see Emily grow as person. It would be nice in S2 if she developed in terms of being independent, showing accountability and perhaps even learning French?

What do you want to see more of on Season Two of Emily In Paris? Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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