Through Fire Brings A New Single About Conquering Our Insecurities

Through Fire Brings A New Single About Conquering Our Insecurities

If you are anything like us, then you have definitely struggled with that little voice inside your head consistently dragging you down and making you feel useless. Through Fire have also felt that way and have chosen to create an anthemic track as their new single, calling out that voice that loves to ruin all things beautiful and great for us. Their latest track is titled ‘Doubt,’ and it couldn’t have come at a better time for everyone this year! You can check out the new single and official video below:

Through Fire – ‘Doubt’
Through Fire – Doubt Official Video (via Youtube)

Upon the first listen of the track, we immediately could picture this song blasting over the rock-radio airwaves. With a very accessible backing track full of bright instrumentals and an overall vibe of hope, we knew this would be one of our favorite jams of 2020. The guitar riffs come in super heavy, a powerful drum beat into the chorus, and with front-man Grant Joshua Kendrick calling out “HEY DOUBT,” you will for sure be screaming these lyrics as loud as possible.

Lyrically, this song brings out an introspective moment of finally having a challenging conversation with the person that lives inside of your head. It seems that voice always manages to be the loudest. Even when we feel our best, it has a funny way of sneaking up and taking us down again. Through Fire has this to say in a recent press release about the new single:

“Doubt is about conquering your own insecurities. Telling the negative voice in your head, you’re done feeling inferior. This song is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like they’re not good enough… It’s an anthem for everyone who is ready to take a stand.”

Justin McCain of Through Fire

Make sure to check out Through Fire’s newest album, All Animal, out now via Sumerian Records!

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Photo Credit: Through Fire Official Facebook

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