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12 TV Shows Recommended By Pop Stars

12 TV Shows Recommended By Pop Stars

Are you in need of something new to watch? Don’t worry; we got you! Here’s a list of 12 TV Shows recommended by pop stars.

It’s always hard to start a new TV Show – there are so many great shows out there, it can become overwhelming. But whether you need a drama, a sitcom, or anything really, your fav Pop Stars got you with their amazing TV show recommendations.

Ariana Grande

To start our list, it’s Ariana Grande. One of the biggest pop stars out there recommends none other than one of the most iconic TV shows: Gossip Girl. Yes, it’s been years since the show ended and feels like an immense throwback to the early 2000s when you watch it, but it holds up still to this day. If you want a TV show to binge-watch with unnecessary drama – this is for you.

Source: Dave Meyers

Demi Lovato

For Demi Lovato, the show she would recommend is 48 Hours. And while she has said multiple times how much she loves crime shows: this isn’t your typical TV show. 48 Hours is an American documentary and news magazine where they document true crimes. In other words, every episode is a kind of documentary about a crime that happened; that’s why you don’t actually need to watch 32 seasons to enjoy one episode.

Source: ‘I Love Me’ Music Video

Niall Horan

Now, this is a show that if you haven’t watched, you need to. The show Niall Horan himself would recommend is Peaky Blinders. It’s a show set in English in 1919 that centers around a gangster family. It has made quite a buzz since it first came out in 2013, and if you watch it, you’ll see why Niall and so many others are so amazed by it.

Source: Capitol Records

Louis Tomlison

Dexter may have ended a while ago, but this is a TV show you can’t miss out on, and Louis Tomlison agrees. Dexter is such a classic at this point because it isn’t a typical crime show in any way. It gives such a spin to the genre – no wonder this is a show Louis would recommend.

Source: Photoshoot for Walls

Taylor Swift

The fantastic singer/songwriter recommends a more recent TV Show, Killing Eve, that isn’t too far from Dexter. The show follows Eve, played by Sandra Oh, a woman recruited by MI6 to chase an international assassin, Villanelle.

Taylor described the show as intoxicating as she explains that she’s never seen such a lovable psychopath and also because, in her own words: “We’ve only ever seen that kind of endearing badness in men—until recently when we started to see female characters that are able to break through the constant likability challenge we find ourselves in.”

Source: Evan Agostini/Invision, via Associated Press

Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix

Jade has always been quite vocal about her love for Drag culture. It wasn’t a surprise to see drag queens included in the ‘Power’ music video, nor it is a surprise that a show Jade would recommend is none other than Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Honestly, this reality show is so different from every other reality show, and it’s so fun to watch.

 Source: via GoffPhotos

Camila Cabello

Unlike Camila‘s song with the same name, nothing better to boost your mood up than Friends. Camila Cabello shared back in 2017 her eight favorite movies with Billboard and stated Friends has her favorite TV show. It’s a show you can never get tired of watching and re-watching, and that’s the magic of it. If you need a good show to forget about your problems and have a good time while developing an attachment to fictional people, Friends is for you.

Source: Christian Vierig via Getty Images

Shawn Mendes

Grey’s Anatomy is the show to binge-watch, and Shawn Mendes agrees. The amount of drama and twists and turns this TV show has is insane, and it’s the most addictive thing ever. Nothing better than leaving your problems behind to care for fictional people’s dramas more.

Source: ‘Wonder’ Music Video via YouTube

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez had a more original way to recommend one of her favorite shows, Will & Grace. Earlier this year, Selena changed her Instagram bio to “By grace through fate. Also, Will And Grace is life”, making it clear to everyone how much she loves the sitcom. Needless to say that for her, it’s a must-watch.

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Source: Selena Gomez – “Rare” Behind The Scenes

Suho from EXO

But a good recommendation list wouldn’t be complete without some good K-drama recommendations, and Suho has the first one for you: A Piece of Your Mind. With only 12 episodes, A Piece Of Your Mind tells the beautiful love story between a man with a stable job and life overall and classical music recording engineer whose life is very unstable. 

Source: SM Entertainment

Mark Lee from NCT

Another K-drama that is worth checking out, according to Mark Lee, is Itaewon Class. If you’re not familiar with K-dramas, this is a great show to start with. The show not only has an amazing narrative and incredible actors, but it also counts with a remarkable soundtrack – Itaewon Class has it all. And if there’s someone you can trust when it comes to taste, it’s Mark

Source: SM Entertainment


And to wrap up our list, here’s a recommendation from one of the biggest girl groups out there at the moment. Along with the release of their documentary Light Up The Sky on Netflix, BLACKPINK revealed their favorite shows on the platform, including the South Korean TV show Kingdom. It’s a political horror-thriller series that takes place in 1601 – and it’s incredibly impressive.

Source: YG Entertainment

What’s your favorite show out of these? What show would you recommend? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.

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