It’s Time To Groove To Wiz Khalifa’s ‘What’s The Move’ And Four More Wiz Songs

It’s Time To Groove To Wiz Khalifa’s ‘What’s The Move’ And Four More Wiz Songs

Wiz Khalifa surprised his fans with a new music video for his song ‘What’s The Move’ off of The Saga of Wiz Khalifa: Deluxe Edition. You can listen to the full album on your favorite platform here. The song has fans feeling groovy as the lyrics of this song also say. Wiz surprised fans by having directed the music video himself. And since we are obsessed with this groovy song, we thought it was the perfect time to list four other Wiz songs that have fans grooving to the beat!

Image Source: Wiz Khalifa via Giphy

Let’s Groove to ‘What’s The Move’

We already mentioned how obsessed we are with this groovy new Wiz song! The lyrics even tell fans to groove and we are listening! This song is such a vibe and just has us moving our shoulders to the beat!

‘Get High’ (2014)

This track is such a mood, “we are high up and we floating / don’t know where we are going” has fans living! This song definitely has had everyone groove since 2014 and it’s just as good in 2020!

‘See You Again’ (2015)

Now, ‘See You Again’ is a Wiz classic. Who hasn’t heard this song? And how are your eyes dry after listening to it, to be honest! This song has fans crying while grooving and that’s hard to achieve!

‘Black And Yellow’ (2010)

Even after 10 years this song still slaps and we groove to it hard! This song dominated the early 2010s’ and it deserves those 300 million views! Have you ever heard anything catchier than this?! We don’t think so!

‘Young, Wild and Free’ (2012)

Yes, to this track! One of the grooviest Wiz songs out there! And the entire mood this song was in 2012! Honestly, eight years later we are still shaking our hips in the beat of the song and screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs!

Wiz Khalifa really knows how to make a groovy song, which fans can relate to! Respect! What’s your favorite Wiz song? What do you think about ‘What’s The Move?’ Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Wiz Khalifa ‘What’s The Move’ Music Video

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