Mayday Parade Runaway From The Unknown And We’re In Our Feels

Mayday Parade Runaway From The Unknown And We’re In Our Feels

Are these tears, or are our eyes just leaking? Either way, this new Mayday Parade song has us so emotional we’ve got goosebumps. Add on the music video, and we are in full-on feels mode.

Image Source: Tenor

‘I Can Only Hope’ is the third and final video release from the band’s new EP Out Of Here. ICOH is a powerful song with a heart-wrenching meaning- Mayday Parade’s drummer, Jack, wrote the song about a time of fear and uncertainty for him, saying: 

I Can Only Hope,’ simply put, is about my father. He recently had some medical issues in Georgia and being that I live in California, I felt so far away. The song is about being terrified. It’s about that uncertainty whether someone will pull through something so difficult. It’s about the unknown that follows all of it and never forgetting the sounds or senses of the moment when you received the news.

Jack Bundrick, Drummer, Mayday Parade

The concept behind the video is just as outstanding as the song itself. While simple, the video is chills-inducing as the story of the powerful lyrics plays out in front of us. Throughout the video, each of the band members – Derek Sanders, Brooks Betts, Alex Garcia, Jake Bundrick, and Jeremy Lenzo – appear to be running from something – though the audience cannot be sure what that is. But, just like the video’s opening quote (fear of the unknown), we can speculate that they are running away from the unknown. Check it out below! We promise you will fall even more in love with Mayday Parade than ever before.

They always have a way of saying just what we feel, and our hearts will always have a spot for Mayday Parade. So much so that we want to relive some of our favorite songs live with the band! You can too with the Anywhere But Here virtual live show! You can get your tickets here and then tune in on December 5th for the best virtual concert of your life.

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Until then, go and stream the Out Of Here EP! We’ve had it on heavy rotation since its release, and it’s unbelievable (no surprise there, WBK that they are out-of-this-world)!

Image Source: Tenor

What do you think of the music video for ‘I Can Only Hope?’ Have you listened to the new EP? Are you going to attend the virtual Mayday Parade concert? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Screenshot Taken From The ‘I Can Only Hope’ Music Video

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