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Tayla Parx Has An Important Message For Us In Coping Mechanisms

Tayla Parx Has An Important Message For Us In Coping Mechanisms

Society has played a part in how we should cope with dealing with a break-up. Do you watch sad movies and eat ice-cream? Well, not Tayla Parx, she writes! Following up on her debut album We Need To Talk, Tayla Parx gave us her new project, Coping Mechanisms. Who is Tayla Parx, you might ask? For starters, she wears many hats — singer, songwriter, and actress. Tayla has most likely written some of your favorite songs such as ‘High Hopes,’ ‘Not A Pop Song,’ and ‘34+35.’ 

Instead of letting a break up get to her, Tayla turned that energy into healthy Coping Mechanisms. With fresh, bold new bops, we are given an insight into just how strong we can be. Throughout the album, we see the ups and downs of what it’s like going through a break and finding yourself again. 

Image Courtesy of TaylaMade/Atlantic Records

Coping Mechanisms

My album Coping Mechanisms was done before the pandemic hit. When I wrote it, the album helped me cope through a broken relationship but through the last few months it’s found a whole new meaning and purpose. Coping is about healing and finding your way back to joy. I hope this album helps you heal and find reasons to smile during these difficult times. My hope is that you share that newly discovered joy because the world needs you right now!

Tayla Parx

Along with the release of the album, Parx dropped the video for ‘System,’ an ultra-funky, dance-filled experience. The video was directed by Joe DeSantis and produced by Jen Sanchez of WeThemUs. Before dropping the album, we also got videos for ‘Residue’ and ‘Dance Alone,’ the latter receiving widespread critical praise. The track currently has over 1.7 million Spotify streams and was featured on Michelle Obama’s #BlackGirlMagic playlist and highlighted in an episode of her podcast.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

If there is anything that we can take away from this album’s release, it’s to take time for yourself and practice self-care. Recently, Parx hosted a burnout camp for creatives, promoting self-care and being more in tune with yourself. Through the journey, Parx has also worked on herself-becoming a “plant mom,” bike riding, and taking time out to relax.

I’m ever-changing. I’m unwilling to let my creative side die—ever. I’m a businesswoman. I’m a brand. And I’m a human. I’m working on being a better one all the time too. I’m going to allow myself to continue to evolve. My message is, ‘It’s okay to not be okay sometimes.’ It’s also okay to be better than okay other times. Be nice to yourself. Go through those growing pains, because they enable you to become who you’re meant to be.

Tayla Parx

What’s your favorite way to cope in a situation? Binge-watch on Netflix? Ice-cream or jam out to your favorite songs? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet @TheHoneyPop! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image: Image Courtesy of TaylaMade/Atlantic Records

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