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This Music Video From Bea Miller Makes Us ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT’

This Music Video From Bea Miller Makes Us ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT’

‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT’ from Bea Miller and Aminé made waves with it’s release back in October. The song is a remix of Bea’s track ‘feel something,’ which went viral on TikTok this year. Aminé’s verse really elevates this already up-tempo track; it’s featured on Bea Miller’s elated! EP, which you should definitely check out!

Now, not only do we have this fire remix, but we have a music video for the track too!

The video and song provide an interesting contrast between the colorful, 90s vibes and up-tempo track and the more somber lyrics. The main hook is literally “I just wanna feel something,” so it really is quite the distinction. The video gives off the quarantine vibes of trying to keep yourself sane and entertained. Of course, there’s a twist, the video takes place in the 1990s. Gina Gizella Manning, the director of the videos for ‘hallelujah’ and ‘forever is a lie,’ also worked on ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT.’ She explained that she and Bea wanted to find the “middle ground” between reality and “surreality.” We think they achieved this goal quite well. 

Fun fact, there’s intentional connectivity between all the elated! music videos, in the way they’re showcasing the themes and feelings of these songs. The videos all have a similar vibe and style to them. Go give them a watch and see if you can pick up on it! It really showcases Bea’s talent as a songwriter and as an artist overall, pulling together her EP in a really cohesive way. 

'FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT' from Bea Miller and Amine is a solid track and we can't get enough
Image Source: Gina Gizella Manning

Bea Miller is a fantastic artist, songs like ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT’ showcase that. From her songwriting to her vocal talent, she’s a rising star, and we’re so glad we get to follow her career! While we can’t exactly sing her praises in person at a concert, we can see her perform in other ways! You can get tickets to the elated! Experience, recorded live in Los Angeles on December 12th. There are different tickets for different time zones, so no matter where you are, you can experience it! Will you be there? 

Thoughts on the music video? On the elated! EP? Do you wanna see another collab from Bea Miller and Aminé? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below or by tweeting us over at @TheHoneyPOP! We’d love to hear from you!

Don’t forget to keep up with Bea Miller; you can find more about her here!

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