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Dive Into I Am The Avalanche And Their New Record!

Dive Into I Am The Avalanche And Their New Record!

I Am The Avalanche releases record Dive, and we’re drowning in its depth.

Climbing rapidly uphill, I am The Avalanche continues to be a force you can’t reckon with. Over the past decade and a half, Brooklyn natives have consistently and courageously overcome personal and professional existential challenges.

Dive, New Jersey Barber Shop Studio sessions, wrapped quite conveniently right before the severity of COVID-19 came to light and impended quarantine upon us. Across the album, I Am The Avalanche produced emotional yet witty tunes that are all around relatable and enjoyable.

As the band turns the page on a new chapter while maintaining their hard-earned reputation, album Dive gives us fans everything we could have wanted. Creating a stacked studio album with wall-to-wall post-hardcore fight songs, we’re not skipping a damn thing.

The album starts with the band’s first single and first new song in six-years, ‘Better Days.’ An anthem for all those we’ve loved, lived with, lost, and living with-out, nothing gets quite as pop-punk-rock as this one. A song for the ages, one we’ll be scream-singing for years to come, check out ‘Better Days’ here:

I Am The Avalanche – ‘Better Days’

The album’s melodic progression is clear, clean, fun, and full of raw talent and energy. And quite a smash frankly through and through.

A favorite track of ours is ‘Fake Weed,’ a punchy, empathetic, and understandable as we’ve all kind of been there. Certainly, one we can see ourselves angrily finger-pointing and yelling back the lyrics too. Wow, we miss live music.

I Am The Avalanche – ‘Fake Weed’

While most of this album is compiled of songs you wanna fight to, you know that I Am The Avalanche couldn’t leave us without a sappy love song. For that, we’re endlessly grateful. ‘Love Song 69’ is just that, dynamic and lovely and lyrical. It’s perfect and powerful, like some of the best love songs of our time, which is precisely what it is. A song like this holds personal to us extra-emotional fans.

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I Am The Avalanche – ‘Love Song 69’

This band produces a sound that is their own, not only drawing us fans in but keeping us tuned in. Creating an avalanche of emotion, we’re stuck under their snow pile. It’s one we’d willingly Dive in too. 

I Am The Avalanche has outdone themselves with this collection of tracks, and we’re not ready to stop talking about it. So let us know what you’re thinking by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP


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