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PVRIS Plays White Noise In Full On Their First Online Concert

PVRIS Plays White Noise In Full On Their First Online Concert

For their first in a series of online concerts, PVRIS performed their first album, White Noise, in its entirety. It reminded all of us how much that album is absolute gold.

Last month, PVRIS announced not only their first-ever online concert, but they also told us it would be part of a three-part series of online concerts. In every show, they will be performing one of their albums in its entirety. Of course, it made sense the first concert was rightfully dedicated to their first album.

Source: PVRIS’ twitter account (@ThisIsPVRIS)

White Noise

PVRIS’s first album was originally released six years ago, back in 2014. It included ten tracks, like ‘St. Patrick’ and ‘My House.’ However, a deluxe edition was released at the beginning of 2016, including two new tracks, ‘You & I’ and ‘Empty,’ and a stripped version of ‘You & I.’ This album was full of tracks that were very different from each other but somehow fit in to deliver a dark and captivating atmosphere that made PVRIS stand out from the crowd. White Noise was in every way possible the beginning of what PVRIS is now.

So to say PVRIS’s first online concert was a throwback is an understatement.

The setting of the stage for most songs was pretty simple. Lynn was in the front, and for some songs, she had her guitar or even played piano. Brian was in the back with his bass and a piano, and next to him was the drummer.

When it comes to the setlist, it followed the original tracklist of the album and ended with the two tracks included in the deluxe edition. The concert opened with such a powerful song like ‘Smoke’ and ended with the masterpiece that is ‘You & I.’

The highlights

Of course, it isn’t a PVRIS concert if you don’t get to scream out to the top of your lungs the chorus in ‘St. Patrick.’ It is such an iconic song that even after six years after its release never gets old. Another one of those is ‘Fire,’ which was performed this time with a twist. This time, for the bridge, Lynn’s delivered a fantastic guitar solo that brought something new to the song, and it was so nice to see her absolutely owning it!

But moving on from more rock tracks, we were also blessed by the stripped back version of ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Empty.’ For these songs, it was just Lynn, her piano, and her outstanding vocals. They offered a more emotional view on ‘Ghosts’ but better than anything, it was the first time ‘Empty’ was performed live. It took four years, but it was worth waiting as the song hit more than ever before.

The concert was full of killer tracks. Even through a screen, they managed to create such an atmosphere full of emotion and rawness. Their closing track, ‘You & I,’ is the perfect example of that, and it was the perfect way to end PVRIS’s first online concert.

In conclusion…

Overall, in this online concert, not only did PVRIS bring back to life their memorable old songs that hadn’t been played live for a while, but they also showed their growth as a band. Lynn’s vocals were outstanding from beginning to start, and the instrumental was insanely good as well. Their stage presence and the vibe the concert gave was just like a concert in real life.

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One thing’s for sure we can’t wait for the second concert where they’ll be playing All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell in its entirety. The date is yet to be announced, but we’re already so excited to hear their second album fully live.

What’s your favorite song in White Noise? What performance did you love the most? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source PVRIS Official Twitter (@ThisIsPVRIS)

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