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RAYE Has Some Euphoric Sad Songs For You & They’re Incredible!

RAYE Has Some Euphoric Sad Songs For You & They’re Incredible!

The incredibly and insanely talented RAYE has released a mini-album, the blissfully moreish and emotional Euphoric Sad Songs.

Every track on this mini-album reaches in and touches your soul. Especially if you have had your heart broken and left in pieces on the floor, but RAYE can lace the hurt and pain that we can relate to over a melody that raises and motivates you, helping you put the pieces together. The title of the album is the aptest we have heard in a while!

The heart-wrenching longing of the opening track ‘Love Me Again’ leaves you craving for more; RAYE bears her emotions in the vocals of this track. It’s genuinely an experience you need to hear for yourself. This is followed by one of our faves on the nine-track collection ‘Change Your Mind.’ The lyrics of this track truly elevate this collection to the god-tier status of releases of 2020.

This is then followed by the sassy ‘Regardless,’ which includes a sample that may sound familiar, and it should. It’s the one and only ‘Rapture’ from iio. ‘Regardless’ is a collab with musical geniuses. The one, and only Rudimental.

The next bop served is ‘Secrets,’ a banger with DJ Regard that has probably already been on your radar. And what a gem this tune truly is!

We then get ‘Natalie Don’t,’ this song begins as a tale and ends more like a plea for Natalie not to take her man. And honestly, if he isn’t treating you like the queen that you are RAYE, we say kick him to the curb. The emotions in the vocals of this song are truly stunning.

After that emotional plea, we are met with the beautiful balladesque ‘All Dressed Up.’ The acoustic guitar is blissful and allows you to fully concentrate on the delectable and exquisite vocals RAYE truly has. This song is sure to give you goosebumps!

‘Please Don’t Touch’ is a very vulnerable song, and it says that within the lyrics itself. The raw expression within this track is powerful; it’s a song of being burned and not wanting someone’s touch unless they genuinely mean it.

The penultimate track is ‘Walk On By,’ which ironically is a journey of a song, well to us anyway. This track is about letting go, moving on to a point where it’s clear you no longer need that once special someone in your life anymore.

The album ends with ‘Love Of Your Life;’ this bop is everything, and at THP, we can’t get enough of it. It’s so dang catchy, and as the song says, we indeed could be the ‘Love Of Your Life,’ d’ya vibe? Okay, maybe not, but you will with this song, for sure.


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RAYE is an incredible storyteller, and Euphoric Sad Songs displays this in all her glory. You can rarely say there are no skips on a collection, but we can confidently assure you that there is not a single skip on this mini-album masterpiece!

Have you checked out Euphoric Sad Songs yet? What is your fave track? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: RAYE via Twitter

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