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Why Monsta X’s Kihyun Is A World Class Vocalist (And So Much More)

Why Monsta X’s Kihyun Is A World Class Vocalist (And So Much More)

As the main vocal of global K-Pop group Monsta X, Yoo Kihyun has been working non-stop for the last five years. During this time, he has given countless legendary performances that each left us in awe of his immense stage presence and talent. From cover videos to OSTs and variety appearances, his fans Monbebe have never had a shortage of stunning content to enjoy. But this is only one side to Kihyun, a person who brings so much joy to the world and who deserves even more back.

The “K” In K-Pop

When most people think of Kihyun, what comes to mind is his incredible singing talent. And rightly so! But somehow, he continues to be one of the most underrated main vocals in the K-Pop industry. He has shown his unbelievably steady vocals time again on live shows, even asking the producers to turn up his microphone so he can be heard over the backing track. His voice perfectly blends low tones with impressive high notes and compliments every genre he takes on. What makes Kihyun stand out from other talented singers is that he does all this while flawlessly executing Monsta X’s famously intense choreography. Which is way easier said than done (believe us, we’ve tried!)

We might be biased, but with powerful performances like that, Kihyun deserves to be on every list of Korea’s most talented vocalists. Just in case you aren’t convinced yet, check out his legendary acapella version of ‘Lost In The Dream.’

Kihyun’s angelic voice isn’t the only thing that makes him a special performer. As mentioned, Monsta X has some extremely difficult dance routines, and as a vocalist, Kihyun isn’t a natural-born dancer. But, you wouldn’t be able to tell by watching the group’s synchronized performances as he never gives less than 100%. In behind-the-scenes footage, he can be seen practicing the group’s new choreography in the background (and occasionally spoiling it before it’s released). All his hard work paid off when he was given a dance break in ‘Fantasia,’ which he pulled off flawlessly.

This determination is a major part of his personality and shows up in the quality of everything he does. It even led him to perform a concert at the Staples Centre with broken ribs because he didn’t want to let anyone down (very impressive, but we hope he takes care of himself first in the future). And, that’s not where his passion ends! He’s also a skilled pianist and guitar player, often dabbling with musical instruments to the delight of Monbebes everywhere. If that wasn’t enough, he’s already held an exhibition for his work as a budding photographer. Save some talent for the rest of us, Kihyun!

Image Source: Monsta X No Exit via Twitter


If you asked Kihyun if he was small, he would tell you absolutely not, no, not under any circumstances- But he is a little bit smol. We don’t say that because he’s short (in fact, many people are surprised by how tall he is in person.) He just radiates tiny energy. Whether it’s his dazzling eye smile, soft dimples, or the way his coat sleeves always seem to fall over his hands, there’s no denying Kihyun’s resemblance to his representative animal- the hamster.


I draw this while kihyun is still a skyscraper compared to my height. #monstax #kihyun #minhyuk #kpop #fyp #foryoupage #foryou

♬ He. Is. SMOL – Kc

Perhaps due to the teasing from his members, Kihyun has said that he would like to change his animal to a shark. Surprisingly, this suits him just as well. Like a shark, he is steely and industrious, especially in the way he handles tough times and difficult situations. He’s generally relaxed, but when you make him angry, you’ll know about it. Another way he uses these qualities is by investing his earnings in stocks, so he can give back to his family and donate to charity.

It is this duality that makes him, and all of Monsta X, so captivating. He can be equally adorable and sharp, without either side being forced. He may well have the drive and intellect of a shark, but he’ll always be an adorable hamster to Monbebe. With a smile like his, how could he not be?

Image Source: Breezy Boy via Twitter

Monsta X vs The Young Flexer

No matter who your bias is in Monsta X, it’s pretty much guaranteed you will end up loving all seven of them. But, it takes a certain type of person to ult Kihyun, and his fans truly understand his beautiful heart. As a Kibebe, there are only two moods: loving Yoo Kihyun or wanting to punch him (gently, of course). Often simultaneously- this is thanks to his overflowing confidence that sends second-hand embarrassment to all who experience it. But, despite our suffering, we wouldn’t change his cringe-worthy moments for the world. We love how his confidence has grown over the years and that he’s been able to overcome his insecurities by faking it until he made it. Honestly, if we were as talented as Kihyun, we would never stop talking about it either. Here are some of his most iconic flexes (if we had to watch them, so do you!)

In every band, there is one member who revels in teasing their bandmates and another who is the target of constant roasting. Kihyun is both of these. He has a savage sense of humor and will never let an opportunity for mischief slide. But no matter how many times Monsta X (Minhyuk and Hyungwon) joke about him in return, he always takes it on the chin. That leads to tons of hilarious moments to keep Monbebes entertained. Speaking of chins, Kihyun is also a master of memes and has a funny facial expression for every mood!

Image Source: @WeneeGermany on Twitter

All About Luv

Despite their constant bickering, Monsta X is a family, and they take care of each other like one. Kihyun especially is always looking out for the other members, making sure they get up when they should, packing extra items for them when they travel, and making sure they’ve eaten. Above all else, Kihyun is there for them when they need him the most. Even when he is dealing with his own issues, he pushes forward with a strong heart and a bright smile so his members can find their own strength to get through.

As a textbook Slytherin, Kihyun is independent and ambitious, but he is also fiercely loyal. Once a person has gained his trust, he will protect and fight for them to the end. His fierce dedication to Monsta X showcases just that. In a V Live broadcast with labelmate Jeong Sewoon, Kihyun expressed that, although he enjoys performing solo, his priority is his group and that his greatest wish is for them to stay together for a long time.

Image Source: Naver V Live

But Kihyun’s loyalty and support don’t end with Monsta X. He’s also the biggest cheerleader for Monbebes and lets them know he is always in their corner. Whether he’s seeking them out in a crowd, giving them advice, or just taking the time to play a game of Among Us with them, he always makes them feel appreciated.

One particular moment that proved how much he cares was an interaction with a fan during a fan sign event. She told him about an unpleasant situation she had with her boss, and he made his feelings about the man’s behavior pretty clear. On another occasion, he told a fan that if someone made them feel uncomfortable, they should stand up for themselves and reassured them he’d have their back no matter what. His actions mirror his belief that all people are equal and should be treated fairly.

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Of all the members, Kihyun spends the most time on the group’s Fancafe reading and replying to Monbebes’ messages. Not only does he laugh with them and compliment their creativity, but he also finds those who are struggling or having a bad day and sends them messages of encouragement. What makes this even more touching is that he does his best to comment in both Korean and English so his international fans can also be included.

So, have you been bias wrecked by Kihyun yet? Let us know the moment you fell for him in the comments below, @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

If you’ve discovered there’s no escape from Monsta X’s infinite charms, read more about them here.


Featured Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

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