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GOT7 Is Finally Back: You Can Take a ‘Breath’

GOT7 Is Finally Back: You Can Take a ‘Breath’

After months of waiting and anticipating, GOT7 just released the first taste for their upcoming comeback with their pre-release single: ‘Breath.’

November started amazingly for us: GOT7’s comeback was finally announced. Their last comeback was back in April with ‘Not By The Moon’ as a title track with five other tracks included on their mini-album DYE. Even though ‘Not By The Moon‘ was an absolute chef’s kiss and aged like fine wine, we were in need of some GOT7 content, and we’re so glad they’re finally back with not only a full-length album but also with such an amazing pre-release single.

Talk about a way to start a brand new era.

Source: JYP Entertainment via @GOT7Official in Twitter

‘Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)’

‘Breath’ is literally a breath of fresh air. It’s a laid-back track that creates such a comfortable vibe. When you listen to the song, you’re all in. You get immersed in a whole different atmosphere of comfort and safeness. One of the highlights of the song is definitely Youngjae, as he delivers that addicting whistling melody; he absolutely serves when it comes to vocals. It makes sense as he took part in the writing and composing of the song. Even so, the song gave way for all the members to shine individually, whether it comes to their vocals or rapping skills.

Everything about this music video is so good as well. From the styling to the concept, the music video is definitely worth a watch. It’s such a dynamic and interesting video, especially due to such unique camera work and sequence transitions. The best part of it is probably in the last chorus when the street scenery changes from day to night in such a smooth and pleasing way, following the beat of the song. But we won’t give out too many spoilers because this definitely deserves your time.

Breath of Love: Last Piece out on November 30th

But for as good as ‘Breath’ is, it’s just the beginning of a whole new era.

Indeed, this pre-release is just a taste of what the 10-track long album will bring us. Yup, ten tracks. Making Breath of Love: Last Piece GOT7’s first album after about two years. By how amazing ‘Breath’ is, one can only expect the most quality of music when it comes to the rest of the tracks.

Every member participated in the making of the album. As we mentioned before, Youngjae took part in the writing and composing of ‘Breath.’ Meanwhile, ‘LAST PIECE,’ the awaited main title track, comes with the participation of GOT7’s leader, JB, with lyrics and composition. Mark took part in composing and writing the third track ‘Born Ready,’ while Bambam did the same in ‘Waiting For You’ and Jinyoung in ‘WAVE.’ Jackson also wrote, composed, and arranged ‘SPECIAL.’ When it comes to Yugyeom, he wrote and composed ‘이젠 내가 할게’ along with producer NATHAN, who has done songs mostly with Pentagon and Woodz.

Source: JYP Entertainment via @GOT7Official in Twitter

In other words, as soon as this tracklist was released, we knew this comeback would be extra special. Not only it’s a full-length album, but all the members have also taken an important part in the making of the songs, which is something we absolutely love and something we’ve been waiting for way too long.

This comeback is coming at us with everything, and we’re so ready for it.

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Featured image source: JYP Entertainment via @GOT7Official in Twitter

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