Mokita & Stand Atlantic Team Up For Kick Ass Duet: ‘I’m Sorry’

Mokita & Stand Atlantic Team Up For Kick Ass Duet: ‘I’m Sorry’

Mokita and Stand Atlantic come together for kick-ass collab ‘I’m Sorry.’

Across the pond, punk rockers Stand Atlantic join forces with Nashville-native chill-pop artist Mokita to deliver us an emotional track release, ‘I’m Sorry.’ Check it out here:

Mokita & Stand Atlantic – ‘I’m Sorry’

The new single deals with feelings of guilt from previous relationships- a struggle we can mostly all relate to. Mokita notes, “This song idea came about as I was talking to my brother about our past relationships, and especially our relationships in high school, where there’s a lot of regret and shame about how we treated people or how we wished we could do things differently.” Very aware that everyone can understand that struggle as he reflects on young love. An honest truth, the self-reflection of this track is prominent and illustrates incredible growth.

Wanting to make the sound and song feel incredibly nostalgic, Motika knew when he wrote it, ‘I’m Sorry’ would smash as a duet. Who better to fill that slot than Bonnie, Stand Atlantic’s vocalist? That’s right – no one. Chasing a specific feeling, Motika agreed that Bonnie’s vocals brought that feeling to life. An angelically poetic combination of vocals, real drums, and organic instruments gives it relaxed and romantic sentimental energy.

A Song With A Message

Stand Atlantic’s thoughts on the collaboration were open and honest, as they explained that working with Mokita was something very different for the band. Never having the chance to collaborate on a track with an artist in another country created quite the hurdle. Although being able to make it happen was incredibly rewarding. Bonnie’s take on the song is about wanting to make past wrongs right but not knowing how to. Because both parties have moved on—explaining that there will always be parts of you that carry guilt, but owning it by putting it into the airwaves – even if you can’t communicate it to that person directly.

A song with a message, pleasing vocals, entirely relatable and catchy tune, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re hooked. We can only hope that this collaboration isn’t the last of them.

What do you think of ‘I’m Sorry?’ Are you feeling nostalgic? Ready to put your truth into the airwaves? We are! Let us know what’s on your mind by commenting down below or telling us it all on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!



Featured Image Source: ‘I’m Sorry’ Official Single Art

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