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The Honey POP’s 2020 KPOP Gift Guide

The Honey POP’s 2020 KPOP Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, the holidays are among us, and we’ve got to start preparing for festivities. It’s peak shopping season, so now is the time to get buying because the last thing we need in 2020 is added holiday stress! If you’re struggling with what to get that KPOP stan in your life, or you are one and aren’t sure what to ask for this year, our KPOP gift guide is here to help. Oh, and it’s all multi-stan friendly! 

*Just a heads up, this article contains some affiliate links, which means that The Honey POP may make a small percentage if you buy through them. But don’t worry, it’s at no extra cost to you. Prices are accurate at the time of publishing. Thank you for supporting us!*

KPOP Gift Guide
Image Source: GIPHY

Astronord Daebak CD Player

KPOP Gift Guide Astronord Daebak CD
Image Source: Astronord

KPOP albums have some of the most aesthetically pleasing CDs ever, and with fans very much keeping physical albums alive, they deserve to have their moment to shine. The Astronord Daebak CD Player is a pretty and minimalistic player that shows off those disks and is the perfect addition to any fan’s room!

Available from Astronord for $62

Transparent Notebook Cover Soft PVC Binder Cover

KPOP Gift Guide Photocard Binder
Image Source: Amazon

Photocard collecting is perhaps one of the most fun things in KPOP, and we all want to keep those precious cards somewhere safe where we can show them off to others or to trade. This binder may look pretty plain to start with, but it offers so much creativity to make it completely customizable. Whether you stan just one artist or multiple, you can get all sorts of stickers and other decals to cover it with (or for the more crafty, find even more exciting ways to personalize it.) You can get as many refill pockets so you can keep growing your collection, which you can pick up at various stores or grab here

Available from Amazon for $6.98

Molang Dolls

Image Source: Amazon

These cuddly cuties have become super popular between both idols and fans alike, which is why they’ve earned a place on this KPOP gift guide! Molang is a TV series produced by Millimages and has gained so much popularity since 2015 and even has its fandom Picnos. They’re the perfect plushy to cuddle up with to stream albums, binge-watch K-Dramas, or just to keep you company.

Available from Amazon for $29.80

Daebak Box

KPOP Gift Guide Daebak Subscription Box
Image Source:

The Daebak box is one of the coolest and most exclusive subscription boxes that offer exclusive items from Korea of up to a $100 value in K-beauty, stationery, KPOP goodies, lifestyle, and more every season! You can get all four seasons by paying for an annual subscription or buy seasonally and cancel whenever you need to, meaning you can make the subscription a one-off gift box or pay for multiple seasons.

Available from starting at $54.99

Astronord Photocard iPhone Case

Image Source: Astronord

If you need a way to show off your favorite KPOP photocard in your phone case, this may be the most aesthetically pleasing design. Show off your bias with the cutest eye-catching design!

Available from Astronord for $14.99

KPOP Candles

Image Source: Classy Smashed

Unite your love of scented candles and KPOP with these gorgeous KPOP candles! There are different groups and scents available, from BTS to BLACKPINKMonsta X to TWICE, plus more! It’s a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift! 

Available from Classy Smashed for $14

Inspire Me Cuisine Korean Cookbook

Image Source: Inspire Me Korea

Whether you’re watching a mukbang-style VLIVE or a show where the idols are eating, sometimes it looks pretty tempting to try. So why not give it a try with this cookbook? It even offers vegan alternatives for non-meat-eaters, meaning almost anyone can see what all the fuss is about with the faves’ favorite staple meals!

Available from Inspire Me Korea for $15.78

Travelflips Korean Flash Cards – Most Important Words And Phrases For Beginners

KPOP Gift Guide Korean Flashcards
Image Source: Amazon

Many KPOP fans choose to learn Korean, whether it’s because they’ve been inspired to learn a new language, want to travel to Korea someday, or just want to understand idols better without needing to rely on translations. This set of flashcards is a great gift for beginners to learn important phrases, plus it teaches a basic intro to the Korean alphabet – Hangul. There are Phonetic pronunciation and English translation on each card, too.

Available from Amazon for $16.95

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KPOPtown Gift Voucher

KPOP Gift Guide
Image Source:

If you don’t know what to get your recipient, or you’re a stan who doesn’t know what they want, then a gift voucher is pretty ideal! KPOPTown sells a ton of albums, official merch, and other Hallyu products, as well as ships to pretty much any country in the world. So, if you’re waiting for a specific release, maybe a future comeback, a gift voucher is a great way to fund that future purchase. Plus, you can choose anywhere from $5 to $50, so it can fit your budget.

Available from KPOPTown from $5

Puma Core Mini Backpack in Clear

Image Source: ASOS

Concert venues are clamping down on safety precautions (as they should,) and clear bags are becoming the new norm. Odds are if you or your gift recipient plans on going to a KPOP concert once live music can resume, they’ll need to invest in one of these. So, this is the perfect time to get one ready. Plus, getting stickers and decals to personalize your own is always good fun!

Available from ASOS for $40

Hanging Brooch Pin Organizer

Image Source: Amazon

Pin collecting has become a thing amongst KPOP stans, with many creatives even making and selling their own in fan stores. This pin organizer is a great way to display your collection and keep it organized.

Available from Amazon for $15.99

Was our KPOP gift guide helpful? Will you be buying anything from this list? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Freepik and Edited by Jazmin Williams

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