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Stray Kids Went Live With Their Online Concert UNLOCK: Go Live In Life

Stray Kids Went Live With Their Online Concert UNLOCK: Go Live In Life

After an insane year for Stray Kids, they just delivered an unbelievable online concert, and it was absolutely everything.

Stray Kids‘ first online concert lasted for about 3 hours, but everything happened in the blink of an eye. It had everything you could wish for: a setlist to die for, nice interactions between members, gorgeous VCR… If you missed it, you really missed out on something.

But, thankfully, we’re here to tell you all about it!

Source: JYP Entertainment / Beyond Live Concert

The Opening

After showing a beautiful VCR, Stray Kids opened with none other than their debut song, ‘District 9,’ but with a twist. Changbin delivered a powerful and aggressive rap before the song took on its normal pace with Lee Know‘s verse. In other words, from the very beginning, we were absolutely speechless.

The group then performed ‘Victory Song,’ one of their b-sides from their 2019 comeback, Clé 1: MIROH. As always, they delivered this performance with lots of energy and confidence. They then performed a bit of an older song, ‘Question,’ a track from I am WHO (2018). Just like the track, the performance was so fun to watch.

Another surprise from the concert was their rendition of their 2019 title track, ‘Side Effects.’ Indeed, instead of performing the original version of the song, they performed a version much more different with a much more dark and mysterious version of the song – with a bit of vampire vibe. It’s a version of the song that resembles a performance they did at the end of last year, but this time it had more props and different choreography. It was amazing to watch.

Source: JYP Entertainment / Beyond Live Concert

After greeting Stays everywhere around the world, as well as the ones that were displayed on screens behind them, they performed another title track: ‘Double Knot.’ It was followed by another b-side off of I am WHO (2018): ‘M.I.A.’ For this song, there was no choreography- they were just freely singing the song and having fun. It’s a bit of a contrast with the lyrics of the songs, but it didn’t matter because seeing them so happy on stage was everything. 

But as the song ended, the camera focused on Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix, or better said, Danceracha. And that meant only one thing: it was time for ‘Wow.’

Source: JYP Entertainment / Beyond Live Concert

The Broken Compass Concept

No matter how many times ‘Wow’ is performed, it’s always such a trip, and we love every single part of it. The Stray Kids’ dance line took on the stage with their more RnB leaning song and put a twist to it. For the last part of the song, they were dancing in a water pool, and it made the already insanely good performance even more impactful. Once the song ended, we turned to another sub-unit- Seungmin, I.N, and Changbin with ‘My Universe.’ This song is a beautiful ballad that showcases Seungmin’s and I.N’s vocals skills to perfection.

In the back, the screen showed a boat in the sea, and as the song ended, the camera focused on it until ‘Mixtape#4′ started playing. The Stray Kids’ version of 3RACHA‘s ‘Broken Compass’ has become such an anthem to everyone. It was so nice to see them perform it on a stage that turned into the deck of a boat. They then performed ‘Blueprint,’ a song that they had performed only once before at their showcase for the release of IN LIFE. The song counts with a fun and cute choreography, and they absolutely delivered whether it comes to rap or vocals. This song gets better and better every time we listen to it.

Source: JYP Entertainment / Beyond Live Concert

The New Take On New Title Tracks And The Ballads

This massive online concert couldn’t miss Stray Kids’ biggest song to date: ‘God’s Menu.’ Not only they performed the song with the same energy and passion as if it had been released a week ago, but they added a twist to it. They took the cooking concept to a whole different level with a breakdance that included actual kitchen knives. It was different and original, and they owned it. 

After that incredible performance, they proceeded to perform the title track of their first Japanese mini-album, ‘ALL IN,’ but revealing for the first time the Korean version of it. 

Source: JYP Entertainment / Beyond Live Concert

Eventually, at some point, the concert had to come down from all its high energy, and that’s exactly what they did by performing ‘Ex’ and the ballad version of ‘I Am You’. While the IN LIFE b-side does include a choreography where they still managed to show amazing vocals and delivering all the emotion behind the song, ‘I Am You’ was all about the vocals. It isn’t a version we aren’t familiar with it, but every time they perform it, it’s so special and heartwarming, and it just hits different. Needless to say, we were all crying over it.

After the song ended, a VCR played with a piano melody showing all different moments from this year. And just when we were about to give up on trying to hold a tear, weirdly enough, the melancholy piano melody turned into the beat to ‘We Go.’

The Ending

The remaining sub-unit performance was everything but boring. With 3RACHA’s overflowing stage presence and the effects they could do by having the concert online, the ‘We Go’ stage was one for the books.

It gave way to the performance of ‘Easy,’ a performance we’ll probably never get tired of watching. The choreography, the confidence, everything about it is just perfect. ‘Easy’ was followed by one of their most iconic title tracks: ‘My Pace.’ So many things about this stage were fun and fresh – Han was having the time of his life. It included a break where I.N made every member try to do a handstand (spoiler: it was mostly a fail.)

After they finished that performance, they announced that they would be ending the show. This last part consisted of four songs, the first one being their latest title track, ‘Back Door.’ As we all thought it would be the last track before an encore, Lee Know left the final row from ‘Back Door,’ ‘Boxer’ started playing, and he delivered his iconic first verse. It was followed by their first song ever: ‘Hellevator.’ The energy and power they gave into this song were absolutely insane, giving their oldest track a brand new life of itself.

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But of course, the concert couldn’t end without a performance of their title track from 2019, ‘MIROH.’ All the members seemed to enjoy themselves, but it somehow felt bittersweet as we all thought it was the ending, but it wasn’t it.

The Encore

Stray Kids didn’t end there as they revealed for the first time ever the performance of ‘TA.’ This was indeed the only all-new performance of the night – and we loved it. It was fun and full of energy, as they danced with handkerchiefs and just seemed to have the time of their life.

But that wasn’t it. Once the light went out, a performance video of the Korean version of ‘ALL IN’ started playing. It showed all the eight members dressed in baseball outfits with different numbers. By combining the numbers, you get four dates: March 25th, April 4th, August 1st, and November 23th. In other words: their debut date, the day they got their first win with ‘MIROH,’ Stay’s birthday, and the date of their first concert. They also revealed a performance video of ‘TA.’ 

And to finally wrap it up, Stray Kids came back on stage for an exclusive live to answer fan’s questions. It warmed everyone’s heart to see how genuinely happy they looked, even though this time it was indeed the end of the show.

Source: JYP Entertainment / Beyond Live Concert

What was your favorite performance of the night? What surprised you the most? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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