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Miley Cyrus’ Newest Album Is Coming and ‘Prisoner’ Is Just The Start

Miley Cyrus’ Newest Album Is Coming and ‘Prisoner’ Is Just The Start

We’ve been waiting for this one and it’s time to turn it up. Miley Cyrus’ newest album is coming and we’re ready for it. On November 27th, Cyrus’ highly anticipated seventh album titled Plastic Hearts will be released for the world to hear. In preparation for the new album, Cyrus dropped a new song called ‘Prisoner’ which is a collaboration with pop superstar Dua Lipa and had an exclusive interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music about her newest album.

‘Prisoner’ was officially released to the public alongside a music video which was directed by Alana Oherlihy and Cyrus. The music video gives you a nostalgic feel as it includes VCR like visuals in addition to the feeling of love and friendship. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate music as it features a 2020 Runaways’ like reunion. 

In the interview with Lowe, Cyrus got emotional and cannon about the last few months and her upcoming album. Cyrus went into details about her development as an artist, her personal life, and the pandemic in addition to her album. We haven’t seen many interviews like this from Cyrus in a long time so we were glad to have one. 

Most of us have grown up alongside the pop star. We’ve loved her in every path she went down and we will continue to love her on any of her paths. In the interview, she gets very canon with her personal life. She opened up about falling off from being sober and slowly but surely got back on. We’re proud to announce that Cyrus has been two weeks clean! We’re so proud of her! Also, she talked about losing her home and the memories that came with it. She realized that she was forced to move on when losing her house which also tied into her discussions about her love life. 

Miley Cyrus's Newest Album Is Amazing
Image Source: Miley Cyrus via The LEDE Company

When it came to discussing ‘Prisoner’, Cyrus gushed about Dua Lipa. Cyrus compliments Lipa by pointing out how collaborative Lipa is and how there wasn’t a lack of competition between the two of them. Although not the first song the duo has created, it is a song that honors both of their individuality with the well-blended vocals and instrumentals. 

Cyrus also talked about the different collaborations on her album. She discussed Billy Idol on the track ‘Night Crawling’, ‘Bad Karma’ with Joan Jett, and the song ‘Golden G String’ made in collaboration with the famous producer Andrew Watt. Also, she talks about the inspiration that Dolly Parton and even her father, Billy Ray Cyrus has had on her as an artist and an important adult figure in her life. 

There’s so much more to unpack within the interview that we suggest you check it out to hear for yourself. Miley Cyrus’s newest album will for sure blow the audience away. We’re glad to see how much Cyrus has evolved and can’t wait to see what treasures are hiding on Plastic Hearts.

You can preorder Plastic Hearts here and receive five different tracks instantly. 

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What song are you claiming from the album? We’re feeling like ‘Bad Karma’ might be the perfect vibes AND it’s a Joan Jett collaboration?! Yeah, we’re rolling with that one. Let us know down below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP.

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Featured Image Source: Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa via The LEDE Company

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