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We Aren’t The Only Ones Getting Lit: Bayside Drops ‘Light Me Up’

We Aren’t The Only Ones Getting Lit: Bayside Drops ‘Light Me Up’

Bayside HQ Promo

Bayside shares an acoustically beautiful live video of ‘Light Me Up’  


One of the best to ever do it, Queens-based Bayside is giving us just what we need at a time like this – new music.

Earlier this year, the band celebrated the monumental album Bad Luck, and while we were stoked for a tour we (and they) truly deserved, live music just wasn’t in the cards for us this year. Luckily for us, Bayside has tried to drown our sorrows. This time by giving us an acoustic album to help light us up.

A band with substance, an extensive palate of talent, and an unmatchable signature sound. It’s no surprise to us that this band has made it this far, all with no end in sight. Timeless and consistent, this band has cultivated a following that is strong and consistent.

It’s likely because Bayside has always made it their focus to create songs of substance and relevancy. Breaking barriers of staying still, this band’s success isn’t one in which they’re satisfied coasting along. No, Bayside doesn’t allow such a thing, proving time and time again that the best from them is yet to come. 

 The proof? Well, it’s right here. Check out their latest release from Acoustic Volume 3, which is set to be released on December 11th via Hopeless Records:

Bayside – ‘Light Me Up’

‘Light Me Up’ is the sole new track on the December release, which will also feature four previously released songs, reimagined and reworked.

This single sets the bar for what we can imagine the rest of this acoustic album will be like, which is frankly freaking amazing. The atmosphere of both the live recording and the song itself is soothing yet breathtaking. Magnifying both the band’s raw talent instrumentally and the vocal longevity, range, and signature sound that they always carry.

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Acoustic Volume 3 Tracklisting:
1. Light Me Up
2. The New Flesh
3. Not Fair
4. Poison In My Veins
5. Prayers

Catch this acoustic masterpiece on December 11th via Hopeless, but for now? Let us know your thoughts about ‘Light Me Up’ by commenting down below, or giving us a shout on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP


Featured Image Source Gustavo Jaimes

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