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19 Amazing Fan Stores To Support This Small Business Saturday

19 Amazing Fan Stores To Support This Small Business Saturday

Fan Store Small Business Saturday

It’s sale season and the perfect time to start buying all your gifts for the holidays! But while Black Friday and Cyber Monday stand in the spotlight for hot deals and goods, we want to remind you about the smaller business. Now more than ever shopping small is a huge deal. It helps support small and local creators who have their own businesses. It’s a lot more ethical and rather than supporting big chains, it helps put money in the pockets of real people. This is why Small Business Saturday is a thing that you may not have heard of before.

Fan Store Small Business Saturday
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Fan stores are an incredible place to get merch and items inspired by your faves. It’s typically more affordable than merch and often looks a lot better. Fan store creators know their audience and what they love because they love the same thing. It’s a win-win, right? We’re sharing with you 19 amazing fan stores that you should support this Small Business Saturday.

Private Paradise Co.

Private Paradise Co. is a BTS inspired fan store that sells incredible jewelry, accessories, and apparel inspired by the members and their music. Their designs are classy and subtle nods from ARMY to ARMY and appropriate for all ages and aesthetics. One of their top priorities is maintaining an eco-friendly background with all their packaging from labels to mailers are either recyclable or reusable.

Shop Private Paradise Co. here

Dress Yourself With Kindness

Inspired by Harry Styles, Dress Yourself With Kindness is a fan store that aspires to “effectively, and efficiently provide fans with fun, and cute designs at an affordable price,” and encourages their customers to wear what they love, and to love and dress yourself with kindness. Though heavy on the Harry Styles merch, there’s plenty of other One Direction inspired merch as well as merch inspired by 5SOS and even Harry Potter!

Shop Dress Yourself With Kindness here

Classy Smashed

Love candles and K-Pop? Then Classy Smashed is for you! Inspired by the biggest K-Pop groups and idols, these scented tinned candles are the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift. From BTS to BLACKPINK, SHINee to TWICE, multistans can rejoice at what’s on offer to choose from! The owner is a veteran K-Pop stan of around 10 years who also knows a good scent when he sniffs one. There are also non-pop culture candles on offer so you could shop for all the candle lovers in your life in one order!

Shop Classy Smashed here

Honeymoon and Co.

What do you get when you mix Ariana Grande and the promotion of wellbeing? Honeymoon and Co! This fan store beautifully combines both their love for Ariana and the mission of taking care of your well-being with their dreamy aesthetic merch. Even Ari herself has been seen wearing these designs! What’s more, Honeymoon and Co. also offer a Wellness Club with resources and freebies. We can’t help but stan.

Shop Honeymoon and Co here

Ume Pins

If you’re also on the pin hype like many of us, then Ume Pins has a great selection! Inspired by Stray Kids and BTS, these beautiful enamel pins feature drawings of the members, as well as lyric-inspired designs, and are simply crying out to be added to your collection!

Shop Ume Pins here

See The Way I See

See The Way I See is a fan store that proves that One Direction is still truly timeless and can make for some seriously fashionable designs! Incorporating both the band and individual members’ music in their designs, the soft designs are perfect for that summery aesthetic and perfect for OOTD Insta posts.

Shop See The Way I See here


Brighten up your room or workspace with these beautifully hand-drawn posters of BTS and TXT! Available as posters, cards, and stickers, each design has a concept based on the artists’ songs and beautifully captures the meaning of each one. Marianne also animates and you can see her super talented creations on YouTube.

Shop MarianneDrawsShop here


Love collecting photocards? Koweeaboo has got your back! Their collection of photocards are of such a high quality that they can compare with official ones and are available for such an affordable price! They’re a new fan store but already have received so much love for their cards, so these are the perfect little extra to treat yourself or your K-Pop friends and family!

Shop Koweeaboo here


BzzyLizzy brings the style of comfortable casual high street-style designs with a fandom touch! From Shawn Mendes to Taylor Swift, you can pay a subtle nod to your faves without it looking too much like merch, perfect for the casual stan and you can even get away with wearing it on dress down days at work!

Shop BzzyLizzy here

Cool Girl Candles

Another great candle store to shop at this Small Business Saturday is Cool Girl Candles! They’ve created gorgeous scented candles that are said to smell like the likes of Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, and even a One Direction reunion! Plus there are lots of other quirky designs meaning once again you can shop for your whole family in just one order.

Shop Cool Girl Candles here

The Blue Seoul

The Blue Seoul is arguably one of the most creative fan stores out there. From cushions to socks, cuddlies, keychains, and more, there’s a lot of unique choices! Inspired heavily by BTS and some of ATEEZ, you can purchase some high-quality products when you shop small this Small Business Saturday and you or your recipient won’t be disappointed!

Shop The Blue Seoul here


Taking on the vaporwave and e-aesthetic, Kenyuniverse shares the darker vibes of merch and we already have multiple pieces on our Christmas list. The creators have taken on board the current fashion trends and married it with their favorite artists and created some really on-trend pieces which will look incredible in any outfit. Another great one to support this Small Business Saturday!

Shop Kenyuniverse here

Cheeky Apparel

Cheeky Apparel is an ideal fan store for multistans! They have t-shirts and joggers inspired by the likes of Ariana Grande, 5SOS, One Direction, and even have designs that fit any stan or music lovers, so even if your fave isn’t listed with a design, you can still grab a pretty awesome shirt!

Shop Cheeky Apparel here

See Also

Clasps & Co

If you’re an ARMY who loves jewelry, then you will love Clasps & Co! This fan store has taken the signatures of BTS and turned them into these stunning necklaces. Wear it with your concert outfit or for a smart casual event, you can rep your boys wherever you go!

Shop Clasps & Co here

Mowd Designs

If you love K-Pop girl groups, then you’ll love this fan store! Mowd Designs creates beautiful posters and prints and has a beaut selection of artists like BLACKPINK, LOONA, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, and more! They’re reasonably priced for great quality and the perfect addition for your room.

Shop Mowd Designs here


If you’re a multistan, then you’ll be pleased to know how much variety is on offer at thesleepingpixiee. From Ariana Grande to BTS, Louis Tomlinson to BLACKPINK and then some, this store has numerous amounts of designs and products inspired by song lyrics and things relatable to your fandom, that there’s something for pretty much everyone!

Shop thesleepingpixiee here

KPOP Crochet

Ever wanted a comfort K-Pop idol to cuddle with? Well, now you can! KPOP Crochet literally crochets any idol you commission and they are so adorable! From TXT’s Yeonjun to BLACKPINK’s Jennie or anyone you request, now you can have your bias to snuggle up to whenever you want! They also sell the cutest keyrings which you can have your favorite song or a photo of your bias/ult group and even add a message of choice.

Shop KPOP Crochet here

Lilac Galaxy Co.

With floral and lilac a predominant theme in this store, we love the feminine feel in Lilac Galaxy Co’s designs! There’s plenty of pins and keychains to choose from, and there’s even a collection of Baby Yoda stanning K-Pop groups, which is everything! Plus they sell clear backpacks which are venue-friendly for concerts and even have space for you to show off your pin collection which we love.

Shop Lilac Galaxy Co. here

The Honey POP

That’s us! We’ve recently launched our own merch store with designs inspired by both all of our (and your!) faves as well as modern stan culture. We run The Honey POP out of our own pockets so any money earned from the merch goes into keeping us afloat, meaning we can continue to be the fans’ voice of pop-culture. Plus, we work with some of the dopest fan-artists to help make our visions a reality. What’s not to love?

Which fan store is your fave? Will you be supporting any of these this Small Business Saturday? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Come and hang with us at The Hive and meet more fans just like you!

Featured Image Source via Jazmin Williams

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