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6 Moments We Loved In folklore: the long pond studio sessions

6 Moments We Loved In folklore: the long pond studio sessions

Taylor Swift finally took fans behind the scenes of the production process of her album folklore in Disney+’s folklore: the long pond studio sessions. It is streaming as of November 25th, and if you haven’t watched it, what are you doing with your life? We absolutely loved every second of it! And so we decided to share our favorite six moments from the moment with you, fellow Swifties!

The ‘exile’ Performance featuring Bon Iver

It was very special to see every one of the 17 songs of folklore performed on folklore: the long pond studio sessions. But the performance of ‘exile’ just hit differently. As Bon Iver is the only featured artist on the entire album this feels very special and to see both artists collab and perform this beautiful song together just did something to fans’ hearts that can’t be described! We are so glad they uploaded the performance on youtube so we can stream it every day from now on!

William Bowery’s True Identity

Taylor Swift- Folklore
Image Source: GIPHY

There has been a lot of speculations going on about who the mysterious writer William Bowery behind some songs on folklore is and Taylor finally opened up about it. William’s true identity has been revealed, and we were shocked! But we also love this revelation and hope they will collaborate as well on future albums! If you want to know who William Bowery is you better watch folklore: the long pond studio sessions on Disney+!

The Personal Chats

Image Source: Disney+

Taylor Swift really opened up about every track on the album during folklore: the long pond studio sessions. And most of the songs have such deep and personal stories that Swifties were surprised to find out. Especially the stories behind ‘this is me trying,’ ‘mad woman,’ and ‘peace’ touched our hearts the most and will make these tracks even more special to fans. The atmosphere of these chats was so intimate we wish it felt like Taylor was talking to fans directly.

The Protagonist Of ‘betty’

Image Source: Taylor Swift via WiffleGif

While there has been plenty of speculations going on about the protagonist of Taylor’s song ‘betty,’ Taylor has now officially clarified that the song is from the point of view of a 17-year-old teenage boy who has lost his first love. We still think that every interpretation of the song is valid and counts though. And this is just Taylor’s way of having interpreted and written the song together with William Bowery!

The Last Song

Swift-the lakes
Image Source: Taylor Swift via We Heart It

Of course, Taylor had to end the sessions with the true last song of the album. ‘the lakes’ a well-beloved song, and Swifties had to wait for a bit longer to listen to, especially if they hadn’t bought the deluxe version of the album. Taylor opens up to fans about why this song is so important and the album closer. It summarizes the theme of the overall album, it is about trying to protect your sanity and finding yourself. The track is inspired by the lake district, a region in England where famous poets moved to, lived, and worked. We think this is the perfect song to end the album and the movie.

Taylor’s Cats

Image Source: Giphy

Naturally, Taylor Swift’s cats couldn’t be missing in this movie! And while the majority of the movie is cat-free we still got footage of our favorite furry babies during the ending credits and we absolutely loved them. Taylor even named her home studio Kitty Committee Studios since she was able to hear her cats while recording her album. We loved this small cameo!

What was your favorite moment in folklore: the long pond studio sessions? What’s your favorite behind the song story? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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