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COIN Leaves Us in Awe After Their Virtual Concert

COIN Leaves Us in Awe After Their Virtual Concert


The thought and creativity that COIN put into their live show last week was astounding, and although nothing can replace the feeling of being at a concert, they hit home with the vibes!

Even before the band stepped on the stage you had the same pre-concert feel and excitement as they showed the crew setting up the stage and testing the instruments and equipment before it all goes black.

COIN even included the stagehand ushering them towards the stage with a mini flashlight, it’s the little things that count, and if you can’t tell how much we miss every detail of live shows.

The stage setting was phenomenal, a crisp white, blank canvas that the band utilized to their advantage. The colored lights on the white background were able to be changed to fit the moods of each song, and with their recent EP named Indigo Violet, we expected nothing less. The ability to swap through backgrounds to fit each song also came in handy for tunes like ‘Babe Ruth’ where they had clips of the famous baseball player in the background and ‘Malibu 1992’ where you could see nice calming waves to help descend you into a further trance.

COIN played hits from a few different projects, being sure to include fan favorites and well-known bops. Check out the full setlist below.

  1. ‘You Are the Traffic’
  2. ‘Into My Arms’
  3. ‘Growing Pains’
  4. ‘I Want It All’
  5. ‘Boyfriend’
  6. ‘Valentine’
  7. ‘Cemetery’
  8. ‘Babe Ruth’
  9. ‘Malibu 1992’
  10. ‘Make It Stop’
  11. ‘Sort It Out’
  12. ‘Youuu’
  13. ‘Let It All Out (10:05)’
  14. ‘Talk Too Much’
  15. ‘Crash My Car’
  16. ‘I Feel Alive?’

And to personalize the experience for each song, the band was also able to reconstruct the stage, while performing. That’s right, you heard us! COIN had a moving stage, where their stagehands floated the squares that each member stood on into different shapes and formations, making unforgettable visuals.

As much as we would have loved to be in the crowd of a COIN show, they did all they could to give fans the complete concert experience, and we could not be any more grateful for all the thought they put into this outstanding show!

Did you watch COIN’s virtual show? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below or let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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