‘i never wanna die’ Is Bea Miller’s Ode To The Planet

‘i never wanna die’ Is Bea Miller’s Ode To The Planet

Bea Miller continues with the release of the music videos for every song on her EP, elated!, with the release of this time, ‘i never wanna die.’

Following up the release of the music video for ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT‘ featuring Aminé, Bea just gave us the music for ‘i never wanna die.’ The sixth track on her EP, elated! is also the sixth music video of this era. All this chain of new videos eventually will culminate in her virtual event on December 12. In addition to the performance, fans will also have the option to join a virtual hangout with Bea and Gina Gizella Manning, where they will talk about the EP and their journey creating content during the pandemic. Tickets can be found here.

But as we wait for that, let’s enjoy at the fullest the music video for ‘i never wanna die.’

‘i never wanna die’ – an ode to the planet

As she continues to grow as a singer and a songwriter, Bea delivers every single time when it comes to the visuals she’s giving us. By every music video, she embodies perfectly her exhilarating new music. It’s usually simple and raw videos but yet capture the eye so much and are so striking to the viewer. In other words, once you watch the music video for one of her songs, whether it’s songs like ‘forever is a lie,’ ‘hallelujah,‘ or ‘i never wanna die,’ the visuals will change your perception of the song forever.

This time, the music video is set in the desert, where Bea is alone with only the mountains and the nature surrounding her. She’s in a gorgeous black dress and seems to enjoy herself as she songs along to the song. Gina Gizella Manning, who directed all her music videos for this era, explains:

“We wanted to shoot this one completely in sync with nature. It was important for us to keep it raw and simple, letting the location speak for itself. The point was to capture our vast appreciation of nature and our planet. Bea wrote this song as an ode to the planet and I wanted to honor that visually.”

Gina Gizella Manning

In other words, this is Bea’s ode to the planet as she realizes how special it is, and she doesn’t want it to die.

What did you think of the music video for ‘i never wanna die’? How excited are you about the virtual event? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured image source ‘i never wanna die’ Music Video via YouTube

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