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Yes, We’re Crying After Hearing CNCO’s ‘Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti’

Yes, We’re Crying After Hearing CNCO’s ‘Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti’


CNCO is back with their next single from their upcoming album, ‘Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti,’ a spin on the classic ’96 song by Big Boy. Taking the track and making it their own while still paying perfect homage to the original artist seems to be a skill that CNCO has perfected and we are falling more and more in love with their third studio album, Déjà Vu.

The track is slightly sped up when compared to the original, but it’s such a slight difference you may not even notice on your first listen and trust us, this will be on repeat!

Joel opens the track with his well-known vocals, that he delivers angelically might we add. The harmonies in this song are amazing as usual and they are so easy to get caught up in that if you didn’t know the original track, you would not be prepared for the chorus.

Sharing the iconic rap, Zabdiel and Erick show off their skills as they completely own Big Boy’s super fast chorus as they talk about how much they miss their ex-lover. Christopher picks up the third verse flawlessly before we’re thrown back into Zabdiel and Richard reminding us just how versatile CNCO is.

Richard closes out with heart-melting falsettos that would bring any ex running straight back into their arms, ending the song on literally the perfect note.

The video matches the song to a T, although the inspiration was taken from *NSYNC’s ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ music video that was released a year after the original ‘Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti.’

From the abandoned warehouse look, perfectly “in sync” dance moves, and a photoshoot, within the video shoot, they recreated the look and feel of this iconic video as only CNCO can. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself below!

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This is the group’s second single off their upcoming album and we can not wait to see what track they decide to release next! What did you think of CNCO’s spin on ‘Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti?’ What song are you most excited to hear off of Déjà Vu? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: CNCO via CNCO on Instagram

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