YUNGBLUD Wonders If There Is Life On ‘mars’

YUNGBLUD Wonders If There Is Life On ‘mars’

YUNGBLUD has done it again! He has made fans ugly cry with his latest single, ‘mars’ from his upcoming album weird!. We really can’t wait for this album to drop on December 4th, and all the singles we have gotten so far have hyped the fans up for the whole album! There’s not too long left, now! ‘mars’ comes to fans at the perfect time, and the lyrics and story behind the song have no eye left dry! YUNGBLUD‘s brain is so beautiful and big he knows how to balance conviction and sensitivity in his songwriting, which is rare!

Is There Any Life On ‘mars’?

Now, we already loved this song on the first listen, but the fact that the acoustic-guitar-laced track shares the narrative of a young trans woman Dom met while playing the Warped Tour in 2018 makes this song so much more emotional and important!

“She told me how her parents had come to the show with her, and how seeing our community helped them to understand that her coming out as trans wasn’t just a phase — this is who she really was. It made me cry to think that we could have that kind of impact and change people’s perceptions, just by being ourselves.”


The track is here to give comfort to anyone who feels out of place. And the music video does an amazing job at illustrating this struggle. The line “Life on mars” and the makeup in the music video are also references to David Bowie’s song ‘Life On Mars’ which is amazing! We love how personal and raw Dom gets in his music, and ‘mars’ just shows everyone again that YUNGBLUD is the voice of this generation. He is giving his transgender fans a space to feel welcomed and understood, and that is something very beautiful! Dom writes music anyone can relate to! We truly need more artists like him!

Image Source: YUNGBLUD via Tumblr

Did you know that YUNGBLUD is currently on a global digital tour? You can check out the dates for the WEIRD TIME OF LIFE TOUR here. We are certainly attending and can’t wait to hear ‘mars’ and all the other songs off the album live! What do you think about ‘mars’? What’s your favorite song on the album so far? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

Need even more Yungblud in your life? We’ve got you covered.


Featured Image Source ‘mars’ Music Video via Youtube

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[…] ‘mars‘ is the most meaningful song on the album to fans and YUNGBLUD himself. It was, of course, inspired by David Bowie but also a young trans girl Dom met during a show in Maryland. She told him how she found a place in his fandom to be herself and how bringing her parents to the show showed them that she was never their son, but their daughter, and they accepted her for who she was. ‘mars’ is truly inspiring and makes you cry in an instant. […]

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