Rina Sawayama Announces Deluxe Album, Releases New Single And Remix

Rina Sawayama Announces Deluxe Album, Releases New Single And Remix

When Rina Sawayama announces her deluxe album, releases a new single and a remix – that’s the kind of 2020 event that can make you smile! Not only is SAWAYAMA DELUXE on its way, but she also released a gleaming bonus track. Her hyper-pop single ‘LUCID’ is in collaboration with BloodPop and Grimes. Her latest digitally-dreamy ‘Bad Friend’ remix is the work of Japanese superstars End of the World!

SAWAYAMA DELUXE is coming on December 4th!

via Rina Sawayama

Rina is gifting her beloved fans (or ‘Pixels’) with bonus tracks, acoustic covers, and remixes to say thank you for her wildly successful year with the release of her album SAWAYAMA. When she says ‘acoustic cover’s,’ she means acoustic covers everywhere. Whoa – a wild ‘STFU! (Acoustic)’ just appeared! Look over there – it’s ‘Bad Friend (Acoustic)’! Oh wait, behind you – it’s ‘Chosen Family (Acoustic)’!

It’s also important to note that within this groundbreaking pop achievement of an upcoming deluxe edition, she’ll be covering The 1975‘s 2018 hit, ‘Love It If We Made It‘! Was it expected? No. Are the possibilities as to what this might sound like extremely exciting? Uh, absolutely.

‘LUCID’: Created by Rina, BloodPop, and Grimes!


Rina has often expressed her incessant love for Lady Gaga, and it’s very hard not to notice the influence of her 2020 album, Chromatica, on this track. The input of frequent Mother Monster-collaborator BloodPop might also have something to do with the neon power of this power anthem. This track also has an insane power-pop genealogy. It turns out Grimes is the holy mastermind behind that unrelenting house beat!

‘Bad Friend’: Remixed for the ‘End Of The World!’

via Rina Sawayama

Rina knew what she was doing, recruiting End of the World on this re-imagination of ‘Bad Friend.’ The group washed their own cool, dark colors over her rigorous, lyrical self-exploration. Much like the cover art suggests, the remix takes the song to the energetic midnight streets of Tokyo. It takes authentic talent to turn the concept of being a bad friend into a dance party!

Okay, Pixels – when Rina Sawayama announces a deluxe album, releases a new single and remix – how do you react? What do you think of ‘LUCID’? Do you prefer the original ‘Bad Friend’ or the new remix? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

Are you just now hearing of this shooting star of a singer, Rina Sawayama? Here are five reasons why you should stan her!


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Featured Image Source: Rina Sawayama via http://www.rina.online.

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