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GOT7 Gives Us The ‘Last Piece’ Of Their Comeback

GOT7 Gives Us The ‘Last Piece’ Of Their Comeback

After the release of the pre-release single, ‘Breath,’ GOT7’s comeback with their full album, Breath of Love: Last Piece, is finally here!

With ‘Breath,’ needless to say, our expectations were high, and GOT7 did not let us down in any way. Breath of Love: Last Piece is full of tracks that are so different one from the other and yet blend smoothly as they mix different genres in every song. This might be one of their best releases and one of the most interesting sound-wise as well. And to this add, that each member had input in their song and it shows.

Let’s go track by track.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment via GOT7’s Twitter (@GOT7Official)

Breath of Love

As the name of the album indicates, the main theme of the album is love. Whether it’s heartbreak or being in love, it’s a constant throughout.

Opening with such an addictive and soothing track as ‘Breath’ was a clever move because it grabs your attention and draws you in. The track, which was written by member Youngjae, shows the evolution from their last comeback sound-wise. To read our full review on the track, make sure to go here.

‘Born Ready’ (Mark’s song) is a song with very soft and almost melancholy, yet dynamic, verses. However, for the chorus, it goes into sort of an EDM drop. This song shows how they mix different genres, and this song overall is a trip in the best possible way. When it comes to the third track of the album, one can feel Jackson‘s flavor in ‘SPECIAL’ as he wrote, composed, and arranged the song. The first verse of the song, delivered by Jackson, showcases his raw and raspy voice amazingly, and it’s everything. The rap verses are definitely the highlight of the song, but that doesn’t take away from the amazing vocal delivery it has.

After four amazing tracks, the album slows down, but that doesn’t mean the songs aren’t just as amazing. ‘WAVE’ is a beautiful song, full of hope and emotion that was written and composed by Jinyoung. There are no words to describe the comfort and love one feels from this song. However, Bambam‘s song, ‘Waiting For You,’ takes on a more sad turn being the first break-up song in the album. It’s a simple track that honestly feels like the echo of a lost relationship as they sing about wanting to come back to that relationship and not being able to move on. This song shows yet again the clash between two very different elements: the melancholy piano and the trap sound. It creates a beautiful and nostalgic vibe. 

‘Thank You, Sorry’ is unlike any other track on the album. Written and composed by Yugyeom, the song creates a very particular and special atmosphere with the jazz vibe and electric guitar in the background that gets louder and takes more place in the song little by little. While ‘Thank You, Sorry’ is about regret, the following song, ‘1+1,’ feels like the other side of jazz influence. This time, it’s an addictive piano that creates such a chill vibe. Both songs show jazz influence but in very different ways.

When it comes to the last two tracks, ‘I Mean It’ is a fun love song that, no matter what, will bring a smile to your face. ‘We Are Young,’ on the other hand, is a slower song full of love and hope, and it’s honestly the most comforting song on the album (and that’s a lot to say when you have ‘WAVE’ and ‘Breath’ right there). It’s the perfect ending to an already mind-blowing album.

And this leaves us with one last song to talk about, the one that holds everything together: ‘Last Piece.’

Image Source: JYP Entertainment via GOT7’s Twitter (@GOT7Official)

‘Last Piece’

If ‘Born Ready’ mixes genres, ‘Last Piece’ is from a whole other world. With verses that feel retro, a chorus heavy on vocals, and then going right into a drop dominated by low vocals: this song is out of this world. The production of the song is so nice that you may not notice all the different elements it mixes. We weren’t expecting any less from GOT7’s leader, JB. Honestly, the song is just so good and so well executed in every way possible.

When we first watched the music video for ‘Breath,’ we didn’t realize how much it was hinting at ‘Last Piece.’ The two music videos go hand in hand. It starts in the same street as the one where we left off in ‘Breath,’ and it has similar editing styles. It is just so smooth and pleasing to watch as the editing compliments the rhythm of the song perfectly.

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And, of course, it showed amazingly expressive choreography that showed how good and precise dancers they are. To us, the highlight is how they start by forming a circle with their arms and end in the same position. And, of course, it goes hand in hand with the lyrics: “You can complete my circle.”

Overall, this is an album that shows so many sides of GOT7 as a group and as individuals. It’s everything we could’ve ever asked for, the wait was worth it, and we will be putting this album on repeat for a long time.

What are your thoughts on ‘Last Piece?’ What was your favorite track in the album? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: JYP Entertainment via GOT7’s twitter (@GOT7Official)

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