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Finneas Is Putting Us In The Holiday Spirit With Meaningful New Song ‘Another Year’

Finneas Is Putting Us In The Holiday Spirit With Meaningful New Song ‘Another Year’

After a year of Finneas music, we have another song to add to that collection, but this one has a holiday twist! So, cozy on up with a blanket by the roaring fire and a hot cup of cocoa as you listen to ‘Another Year,’ our newest seasonal fave!

In ‘Another Year,’ it’s just Finneas’ warm voice, simple instrumentation, and his awe-inspiring lyrics, but the track is purely magic! We love all those things that we hear in ‘Another Year,’ but the meaning behind it is particularly special to us this year.

The song starts with a soft piano melody immediately putting us at ease as Finneas joins in describing his holiday wish to be with his loved one(s). This idea of being in the company of dear ones for the season continues throughout ‘Another Year‘ as we learn that he hopes this wish will continue for the following year. He sings about scenes from Christmas to New Year’s Eve while the piano lingers, ebbing and flowing, and later incorporating more texture in the instrumentation with a fluttering flute and a thumping bass line.

Interestingly, Finneas wrote ‘Another Year’ last holiday season, and knowing the outcome of 2020 he said the song will remain the same.

I wrote this song last Christmas, with a year of uncertainty ahead of us, had I known, anything I know now about how 2020 would go, I don’t think I would have changed a word. I hope wherever this song finds you, it brings you some small dose of comfort. The horizon is bright I think.


Although the song may be placed in 2019 at the time it was written, it is even more powerful a year later. As one who always writes gorgeous lyrics, though he explains in the lyrics he “can’t find poetic ways to say” what it means to be surrounded by the people he cares about, we find what he does say with “I hope it lasts another year” just beautiful. It is this lyric that ultimately makes ‘Another Year’ comforting to us as we reflect on the past year and helps reminds us all to be thankful to be with our loved ones, particularly after the hardships we all currently experienced exclusively to 2020.

Just like the release of ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead,’ Finneas again has special merchandise for the release of ‘Another Year!’ True to the holiday song, these goodies feature a mistletoe graphic along with the lyric “I hope it lasts another year.” We love it! Get your ‘Another Year’ merch on your wish list here!  

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