Jin Surprises ARMY with His Song ‘Abyss’

Jin Surprises ARMY with His Song ‘Abyss’

On the eve of his birthday, when he should be the one receiving gifts, Jin surprised ARMY with a song! The song titled ‘Abyss’ was posted onto the BTS Soundcloud and had a blog post to go along with it on the BANGTAN BLOG.

Like many of the solo songs Jin has released, ‘Abyss’ carries a deep and personal meaning. Jin shares his recent feelings and anxieties in the blog post, feelings of burnout; Jin wondered if he deserved such praise and congratulations from people after BTS received the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. After going to Bang PD about his feelings, as well as starting counseling, Bang PD suggested that he write a song about what he was feeling and assured Jin that while it isn’t important how it comes out, he was confident Jin would do a good job with it. With the help of Kye Beomju (Bumzu), and member RM helping with the chorus, they worked together to create a song that captured Jin’s feelings, and thus, we were gifted ‘Abyss.’ 

The song is beautiful, and we are reminded of how talented a vocalist Jin is. We can feel all his emotions through the song, and the lyrics also carry his emotional message; honestly, it was hard for us not to tear up while listening. While Jin makes a point of only wanting to share the good things with his fans, we are grateful that he opened up to ARMY about his struggles and shared this gift with us. Jin reminds us that it is okay to not be okay sometimes and that there is also help when we need it. It is a song that many can relate to, and you should stream it when you have the chance. 

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Weverse Magazine

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