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The Wonder Years Have Us Out On Our Feet Back In Suburbia

The Wonder Years Have Us Out On Our Feet Back In Suburbia

The Wonder Years wake us back up with new single ‘Out On My Feet.’


For us, The Wonder Years can do no wrong. More than likely, if you’re here, reading this – you feel the same way.

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Ten years ago, a group of six wholesome dudes from Philadelphia were riding the wave of their back-to-back breakout albums. Little did they know they’d be surfing from floors to couches, basements to churches, and every other playable venue and sleeping place in between. The Wonder Years grew cautiously yet copiously together as a band– all while The Upsides and Suburbia, I’ve Given You All & Now I’m Nothing, put them on the map. Sending them around the world and back, they most importantly put an influence on pop-punk and the entire era of new wave bands in the genre.

Ever-evolving, continuously pushing themselves to produce perfection, we’re backing that they’ve more than exceeded that challenge. ‘Out On My Feet’ is a clear demonstration of the band’s push toward precision. In reflection of their journey, The Wonder Years channeled the headspace of their start out records. They quite literally dusted off the Hank costume and delivered us with one hell of a video for their single ‘Out On My Feet.’

The Wonder Years – ‘Out On My Feet’

‘Out On My Feet’ follows the single ‘Brakeless’ as part two of a project from The Wonder Years, commemorating the albums’ 10th anniversaries. Each of the songs is meant to follow the individual album style’s with ‘Out On My Feet’ taking on Suburbia‘s likeness. Full of their old-school punk riffs, utterly relatable lyrics, and unmatchable passion and energy, this song reminds fans what brought them here, and most importantly, what made them hang around – for the past – ten – years.

Introspective Influential Albums

In addition to these joint singles, the band has released their 4xLP 10-year commemorative box, which is available now. Complete with the two albums in their entirety, on bonus/rarities LP and one archival/demo LP. The bonus LP features B-sides, acoustic tracks, and the two killer tracks ‘Brakeless’ and ‘Out On My Feet.’ While the archival LP features never-before-released demos and voice notes, giving fans direct introspective in making these influential albums.

The most rad part of all? The 32-page booklet is filled with photos from the Upsides/Suburbia era, essays from the band that follow their recording, writing, and touring of each album, B-sides and bonus tracks, archival demos, the two new songs written for this set, and quotes/testimonials about the era from friends and the band’s extended team. So for us fans who’ve been lucky enough to watch the journey – we get to do it all over again, and those fans who haven’t will get to experience a time that made our favorite band precisely who they are.

Forever grateful for this band.

🎶 Thanks for the ride. 🎶

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Featured Image Source: The Wonder Years via Twitter

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