Top 5 Looks Of The One And Only MC Soobin!

Top 5 Looks Of The One And Only MC Soobin!

It’s been just four months since Tomorrow X Together‘s Soobin became KBS Music Bank’s new MC! As an MC, he and his co-host, Oh My Girl Arin, must don various costume themes every Friday! Here are some of our favorites, as of the December 4th, 2020 broadcast!

Refreshing Soobin

Our first look is the refreshing trendy look from November 6th! The blush mixed with light freckles adds to the outfit. He shows off his outfit with a cool pose. Red really suits him!

Rabbit Soobin

Their first Halloween had an Alice in Wonderland theme! Our rabbit-like leader could only dress up as the White Rabbit! His red heart sticker and playing card earring give this look a modern spin! Is this really Soobin or the White Rabbit come to life?

Prince Soobin

Did we say red might be his color? Our leader dazzles in every color, it seems! On November 13th, this time joined by maknae Taehyun, Soobin dressed up like the Prince he is! The navy and gold uniform highlighted his tall body. It was also the return of black-haired Soobin! MOA were sad to see refreshing blue-haired Soobin go.

Bad Boy Soobin

Is this really our pure leader? October 16th will go down in history! Soobin sports smokey eye makeup, multiple piercings, a slick black leather jacket, and a cut across his nose for good measure! MOA couldn’t believe the fiery charisma he expressed this week. He is an idol with many sides!

Office Worker Soobin

Truly the best of the best! In celebration of Soobin and Arin receiving their official employee ID badges, the pair dressed up as the modest office worker. However, he was anything but modest! MOA swooned over the brushed back look. It accentuated his strong eyebrows so much that they had their own personality. MOA can all agree that Soobin is the king of suits!

Image source: Tenor

It’s only the first four months done in 2020! Soobin has shown so many sides MOAs knew and discovered in these few weeks! We look forward to counting our favorite looks next August! We also wish him the best of luck!

What are your top five looks so far? Comment your thoughts down below, or be sure to tweet us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

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Featured image source: Big Hit Entertainment

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