Bastille is Giving Us ‘Goosebumps’ With This New EP

Bastille is Giving Us ‘Goosebumps’ With This New EP

We been knew that it was only a matter of time till Bastille came back with new music. Last Friday, we got more than just a song… we got the EP! And it’s 5 songs, or should we say 5 masterpieces? The EP features the song ‘Goosebumps’ with Kenny Beats– one of Republic’s newer artists. Wait, did we forget to mention that the name of the EP is also Goosebumps? Well, now, you know. It also includes the track ‘survivin’ and ‘WHAT YOU GONNA DO???,’ which we talked about HERE.

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The EP is only the beginning of the music that is coming. We’ve got a little tea from them, and all we can say is that ‘surviving’ continues to climb the chart, and Goosebumps sets the stage for more new music to come from Bastille in 2021. Looks like we’re about to start the new year with songs that will be a must-add to the road trip playlists.

We wanted to make a throwback R&B song and something a bit more playful. We had a lot of fun writing and recording it, initially one day in between shows whilst touring in New York last year, and then back in London a tour studio One Eyed Jack’s. We’re big fans of Kenny Beats and having met him in LA invited him to hang out at the studio when he was in town. We played each other a load of music, and he loved ‘Goosebumps’ and immediately started working on beats and sounds for it, and it kind of went from there.”

Dan Smith

Goosebumps EP
‘Goosebumps’ feat. Kenny Beats
‘WHAT YOU GONNA DO???’ feat. Graham Coxon
‘survivin’ (One Eyed Jack’s session)
‘Goosebumps’ (One Eyed Jack’s session)

You can listen to ‘Goosebumps’ featuring Kenny Beats here, and check out the music video below!

What do you think of Goosebumps? Have a favorite song? Let us know what you think of the EP by dropping us a comment or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP, plus, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook!

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