Bea Miller Illustrates A Deep Message In ‘Self Crucify’

Bea Miller Illustrates A Deep Message In ‘Self Crucify’

As always, Bea Miller has exceeded all expectations we could have asked for.

This song comes from her recent EP elated! and is one of the videos that has been released for the project. The music video directed by fan-favorite Gina Gizella Manning; she visioned it to be both goosebump-inducing and heartbreaking.

Bea Miller ‘self crucify’ music video

At the start of the video, you see tears streaming down Bea’s face, which set the tone for the video and for the tears that streamed down our faces. As a result of Bea’s vulnerability, the lyrics alone to this song were enough to kill us. Undoubtedly, Bea is one of the strongest artists we’ve encountered. When you hear her story, you can see where all the pain she sings about comes from.

A video like this seems minimal. However, it leaves all the room for pure emotion. It really feels like in the five minutes you’re watching this; you’re watching her bare her soul. Reading about the process of this video, we learned that the final piece was all shot in one take! To clarify, it takes a pure genius to capture what this duo captured on the first try.

In addition to releasing this powerful video, Bea Miller just landed herself on the coveted Forbes 30 under 30 list! We love to see inspiring women doing cool shit!


If you’re a fan of Bea and want to see her ‘elated’ experience Livestream and hear ‘self crucify’ you can buy tickets here!

We would certainly love to hear from you! What is your favorite song off the project? What has been your favorite music video so far? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram!

We, at The Honey POP, have been covering a lot about Bea Miller and her new music, and if you want to hear about another of our favorites from ‘elated’ read all about it here!


Featured Image Source: Miranda McDonald

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