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JVCKJ Performed Pastel: The Early Days Live And We Have All The Highlights!

JVCKJ Performed Pastel: The Early Days Live And We Have All The Highlights!

Pastel Live: The Early Days from JVCKJ is a hit!

JVCKJ, aka Jack Johnson, has been making some big moves recently. He dropped a few singles, a music video or two, and most recently, he released an EP! The EP, titled Pastel: The Early Days, features 7 brand new tracks, each one a testament to JVCKJ’s flourishing talent as a solo artist. On December 5th, JVCKJ performed the EP in its entirety on a live stream show. If ya missed it, don’t worry, we have all the deets!

Here are some of the highlights:

JVCKJ jumped right into it, giving us his all from the get-go!

The show wasn’t super long, about half an hour, but it left us, and the rest of the fans in the live chat, wanting more! Jack performed the EP in order, starting with ‘City of Thrills.’ You could really feel the emotions in this song as he sat behind the piano and poured his heart into the song. His vocals were amazing, something that carried on into the rest of the show! Oh, and of course we have to mention the all pink outfit, very fitting for the pastel theme.

Flawless vocals? Check. Plays instruments? Check. Stage presence? Check.

One thing that really stood out, both on Pastel: The Early Days and during the live performance, was JVCKJ’s vocal prowess. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check this guy out because he knows what he’s doing. If you’ve been following his career from the Jack & Jack days, you can really see his growth as an artist. There were so many moments in this performance where JVCKJ absolutely floored us with his vocals. Seeing as he started out mostly as a rapper, it’s really nice to see him branch out and showcase his singing too.

Not only can he sing and rap, but he plays instruments too! The piano transition from ‘City of Thrills’ into ‘You Lie’ had us totally in awe, it was beautiful. And when he picked up a guitar for ‘1+1 ≠ 2’? Amazing. We’re so hyped to see him perform live! Watching him perform ‘Bad News’ and seeing his stage presence come to life as he stepped away from the piano and vibed was awesome. We’re sure that his in-person concerts are going to be phenomenal! Not to mention, after seeing ‘Step Up’ and Casamigos’ performed like this, we can already feel that they were made to be sung to a live audience and will be a lot of fun!

And finally, the standout moments of the show.

Now, every single part of this performance was great, but if you ask us which moments really helped JVCKJ stand out, we’d have to say ‘1+1 ≠ 2’ and ‘Patience’ were some of the shining moments!

As we mentioned before, Pastel: The Early Days does a great job of showcasing his singing and rapping talent. In particular, during this performance, ‘1+1 ≠ 2’ was the perfect example of his singing. The vocals, combined with the guitar on this song, were crystal clear and you could really hear them shine with this track. Likewise, the closing track ‘Patience’ really showed JVCKJ in his element. His rap skills are undeniable on this track and had us hyped up, even if we weren’t in a real concert crowd.

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JVCKJ ended the performance by challenging everyone to get outside of their comfort zone, advice which he himself has really followed moving forward in his career. The Pastel: The Early Days live stream was a success and tons of fun! We’re so stoked to see what comes next!

What did you think of the show? What’s your favorite song off of the new EP? Drop a comment below or come chat with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, we can’t wait to hear from you!


Featured Image Source: Nesrin Danan

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