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Lil Nas X Shares All To Apple Music, From Music Inspo, His Singles, Self-Love, And Teases New Album

Lil Nas X Shares All To Apple Music, From Music Inspo, His Singles, Self-Love, And Teases New Album

On this episode of Apple Music’s At Home With Series, host Zane Lowe chatted with a ‘Holiday’ fave of ours, Lil Nas X!

He tells all from his music, including his thoughts on his ‘Old Town Road’ days, the influence of Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator, his love for Billie Eilish, his latest single ‘Holiday,’ and his forthcoming album. As well as his personal reflections on self-love, coming out, and wish to collab with the late Juice WRLD! We’ve got the highlights wrapped up just for you!

Our boy even dressed for the holiday-themed occasion, decked in threads like those seen in his official music video for ‘Holiday.

Image source: Zane Lowe on Apple Music

Lil Nas X On Growing Up Since ‘Old Town Road

Even though Lil Nas X told Apple Music that ‘Old Town Road’ hit the number one spot until August 2019, he was ready to move on from it since June. Despite the wild success of the single, he said if he didn’t move on, he would have missed “bigger blessings.”

“I felt super accomplished, but I felt like, “Okay, that’s cool. Now it’s time to really get to business” kind of thing, you know? I found better, healthier ways to create, I’ll say that. Little things like taking much more time with my lyrics and putting more into the concept of whatever the song I am making. Because I used to go to the studio, make the song, I’m out, and never go back to it, never work on it again. And it worked, but that wasn’t the move. If I can do that without doing that, what can I do beyond that? Another thing with quarantine I decided I wanted to do was definitely give people more of an inside of me beyond the characters I portray. Even ‘Holiday,’ I’m talking about the past year or whatever, and all this sh*t. You know, a couple of sh*ts that’s been happened, and just establishing where I’m going, where I’m moving, how I’m good no matter what.”

Lil Nas X About His Love For Billie Eilish

“Billie is just so f**king amazing and talented. And that’s exactly the main reason I love her. What you just said, she’s going to do whatever the f**k she wants and she’s not apologizing for it and she’s going to say how she feels about whatever. And I really admire that because there’s still things I’m like, “Okay, I need to speak on this,” that I won’t do because I’m like, ‘Okay, what’s this person going to say? What’s that person going to say?’ Billie is amazing.”

Lil Nas X On The Influence of Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator

“I think artists like Frank in general and Tyler and whatever, they made it easier for me to be where I am, comfortably, also ‘Provider’ was a very special song to me during this relationship I was in. So yeah, go Frank, he’s amazing.”

Lil Nas X Discusses His Forthcoming Album  

“This album exuberates confidence, creativity. Just me completely stepping out of my comfort zone and saying whatever I want and giving my actual stories, giving my fans something to take from me. Because 7 was cool. I love 7, it’s great, but it wasn’t personal enough. And I feel like that’s exactly what this album’s going to bring. It’s going to be f**king bop after f**king bop after… Oh my God. It’s like I’m so excited. You have no idea. There are so many people I’ve been working with.”

Also, he suggested to Zane Lowe that this new album features a popular, recording-breaking male singer in the music biz, but he’s keeping features to a minimum. We literally can’t wait for it!

Lil Nas X On ‘Holiday’

In his conversation with Zane Lowe, he shared that ‘Holiday’ was his first single after two years produced by Tay Keith.

“This song actually started in February. All the way back in February. But at first, it was just melodies over a beat. Then it took until summertime till I’m like, ‘Okay, boom. Let’s do this. Let’s do this.’ We always had ‘Holiday’ as a name and then we brought us to this point where you see me just dressed like this to really give it a mood.”

Lil Nas X On The Importance of Self-Love

“Yeah, definitely because I guess I grew up a lot having this hidden self-hatred for myself and not even realizing that it was there. And I guess having something where I could be super creative and express myself, it’s definitely brought it forth how much no matter what happens, I’m always going to be there for myself. I used to always depend on somebody else or other people for that love and attention when it’s right here within me.”

Lil Nas X On Coming Out

“Yeah. I honestly feel like I have my angels with me at all time and I just felt like I was just getting signs, ‘Okay. It’s time we do this thing.’ Because it’s like I’m already moving forward and I’m becoming more free with everything I do, so let’s take this to the next level and do this. Because I mean, it was either going to be that or what? Pretend this for the rest of my entire life? And also not be able to express that in what I do, my music. And also being one of those people that was like, ‘Okay, I want to make room for you now.” So everybody who’s coming behind me, ‘Okay. This is going to be cool. It’s going to work out fine.’ Yeah.”

He also shared with Zane Lowe that with his platform, he is in between communities (Black and LGBTQ+ community), and it felt that it was something he needed to do, especially addressing his desire to put on the clothing he wants to feel that it is his freedom to do so and for others to express themselves.

Lil Nas X On Wanting To Collab With Juice WRLD

“I have no story with Juice, but there was this time where I was on this red carpet and people always would ask me, “Who would you like to work with?” But for the first time had like, “Okay, yeah, I want to work with Juice WRLD.” Because I had never said that. I don’t really know why, because he’s definitely a big influence on me. And the next day is when he passed, which was like super crazy.”

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