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See ‘Teenage Visions’ Through Landon Forbes’ Eyes in our exclusive interview!

See ‘Teenage Visions’ Through Landon Forbes’ Eyes in our exclusive interview!

Landon Forbes via Instagram

Landon Forbes is a 21-year-old rising indie singer-songwriter and guitarist who’s marking his place in the hearts of thousands of people with his dynamic talent and fun-loving spirit. He recently unveiled his brand new song titled ‘Teenage Visions’ which is inspired by his personal experiences while growing up. Started at a very young age by performing in front of thousands of people in North Carolina churches, Landon was discovered by music producer Arthur Pingrey and is currently being managed by Big Management in NYC. His debut single ‘Rebound’, released last year, garnered over 1.25 million views alone on YouTube reflecting his natural gift for performing.

Teenage Visions by Landon Forbes via Instagram
Image Source: Courtesy of 910 Records

Landon’s second release, ‘Find You’ landed three Spotify editorials and his follow up singles have racked up hundreds of thousands of streams and he has garnered over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, overall. Landon is also a popular TikTok influencer with over 900+k followers and 4.7m likes- clearly, his creativity is sparking through the masses.

In our exclusive interview with Landon Forbes at The Honey POP, we talked about his brand new release ‘Teenage Visions’, songwriting and creativity inspiration, the impact of TikTok and social media in modern times and much more. Read below to find out what he has to say!

Your newest single, ‘Teenage Visions’ is all about living that dream life with a childhood sweetheart, is this track based on real life? And where do you find you gain the most inspiration when writing?
The song is written about growing with the people around you, grinding daily, and finding the peace to speak your truth. I find the most inspiration for my writing when I watch the people around me. It’s the average everyday Joe that makes this world great. It’s the small interactions that teach us that love doesn’t only exist in RomComs. 

That’s a beautiful thought. Can you walk us through your songwriting process? How does writing a signature Landon Forbes song look like? Does it start with an idea first or a few notes stuck in your head?
Here’s something I wrote in my notebook today- “I sit and take notes when my friends talk/ ‘Cause if Logan does it, then I know it’s the right way to walk/ We are not sitting here talking about some shirts we bought/ We’re discussing the vibe in that last base drop.”

What I’m saying is that when I’m with my friends I take notes because I want to remember the brilliance of what they say. This helps to inspire my music. Most of what I write is based on reality, so whatever is happening in my life inspires the pen to move towards the page. 

You’re a rising artist, so how would you describe your sound to someone who is new to your music or to try and draw people into your music before they listen to you?
My sound is definitely unique to me because everyone has their own experiences and trauma to share. But I’d describe it as a Jeremy Zucker vibe with Jack Harlow lyrics, depending on which writing you’re referring to. 

Landon Forbes via Instagram
BITCH Mgmt via Instagram

Who would you say is one of your biggest influences in the industry right now?
One of my biggest influences would be Elevation Worship because they focus on how people feel rather than what people are dealing with. They are some of the only accounts I follow on TikTok. They don’t force their views on other people, but rather allow people to experience peace within their trauma. 

Who is someone you have always dreamed of working with that you hope to in the future?
Someone I’ve always dreamed of working with is Mike Stud. His lyrics are not the most appropriate for all audiences, but for me going through a terrible breakup in high school he showed me the brighter side of some of the darkest nights of my life. Because that’s the power music has, to change perception in the most beautiful ways. 

You’re growing rapidly on TikTok as well. How has TikTok allowed you to grow your platform as an artist? Do you have any favorite ongoing trends?
As an artist, TikTok has been the first platform I felt comfortable enough to showcase my social anxiety. This community has really welcomed me and allowed me to escape while also allowing me a space to help me relieve my social anxiety. Since the community has been so supportive, I’ve been able to realize more of my potential and begin to grow and evolve more into who I actually want to be as an artist. In terms of trends, I don’t like to do trends just for the sake of likes but rather because it’s content I like to create. My favorite trend right now and one I posted recently is where people sing in public and see how random people react to it. Overall I like the trends where I’m able to share pieces of my life with my viewers. 

With the growth of TikTok, we’re seeing lots of aspiring artists taking the platform to grow an audience. What advice would you give to those who are looking for success from this method?
I actually don’t think that the social media method is the most effective, however, it is an amazing tool. I think it’s most important to be genuine to yourself, who you are, and your music. This is the only way to truly flourish as creative in this world.

How much do you think it’s necessary for the artists to stay active on their social platforms now?
YES. YES. YES! 100%. We are living in a crazy world right now where we don’t know what’s going to happen. Now more than ever artists are a source of entertainment. We aim to make people stop what they’re doing and smile. It isn’t for us to feel special but rather to make other people feel special, especially in times like these.

When you’re not in the studio or making a TikTok, what do you do? Discovered any new hobbies during the quarantine period?
Well right now I’m literally answering these questions from my friend’s apartment because spending time with them is what I like to do in my free time. Today we randomly decided to go skateboarding, and who knows what we’ll get up to tomorrow, we thrive off of spontaneity. My biggest hobby to come out of quarantine: vlogging. Watching my grandad struggle with what we thought was covid was difficult, but having my camera with me made the experience much more durable. It’s something I’m gonna be getting much more into on my YouTube page so stay tuned for updates on that.

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Finally, if there was a movie soundtrack about your life, what 5 songs would be must-haves on the tracklist?
Wow, that’s a cool question. I’d say- 1) Love by Nat King Cole, 2) When I grow up by NF, 3) Evolution by Joyner Lucas, 4) ADHD by Joyner Lucas, and 5) KOD by J. Cole. These songs help me in my life because through this particular lens we see life as a different subject. That’s just my fancy way of saying, I felt bad and these songs made me feel good. 

And that’s a wrap for this fabulous interview with Landon Forbes. We are absolutely loving ‘Teenage Visions’ and hoping that you are too. Check out and listen to some of the song suggestions by Landon here.

Which songs from Landon’s movie soundtrack made it to your list? What’s your favorite TikTok video by Landon Forbes? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below or you can tweet to us at @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Landon Forbes via Instagram

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