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YUNGBLUD Brings It All With weird!

YUNGBLUD Brings It All With weird!

YUNGBLUD is here finally with his full-album weird! and this one is about the fans and for the fans! The album has been teased by YUNGBLUD all year, and he has given fans quite a good amount of singles off the album, which all outdid. Not one song sounded the same, and they all had different messages, but more on this later. We are still a buzz from the release on December 4th and haven’t stopped listening to the album. If you haven’t yet you can listen to the album here.

The album cover has to be one of our favorites, as it is meant to be like a movie poster to go alongside the general message of the album, coming-of-age and being your true self. Dom is illustrated as seven different versions of himself which shows how one is able to wake up each day and be a new self. Like 50 different versions of you. The message of this cover alone is absolutely inspiring.

It’s Time To Get weird!

Image Source: Courtesy of Locomotion/Polydor Records

weird! is YUNGBLUD’s most emotionally complex work to date. The record tells his story about growing up and is an album for the fans and their stories. Since YUNGBLUD is a we rather than a single person. YUNGBLUD is the space he has created for fans to be safe and to be unapologetically themselves. He described this album as an album about people for people and wants to write music for a reason and not just a particular motive. This really resonates with his fans and gives them a place to go when they want to be accepted. 

It’s a story of coming-of-age and self-acceptance and liberation, in terms of sex and gender and drugs and heartbreak and all the other twists and turns we go through in life. I hope it makes people feel like it’s okay to feel out of place or twisted or weird because life is weird—but that’s what beautiful about it. So don’t ever try to live it as someone else. Live it as you.


Let’s Dive Deep Into weird!

weird! embodies a wildly eclectic collage of sound: Queen-inspired harmonies, Beatles-Esque chord progressions, elements of punk, emo, hip-hop, and Britpop. This leads to each song being completely different and unique. Moreover, each track sends a different message and tells a different story. The album was inspired by stories fans told him during his last in-person tour. YUNGBLUD took their words and turned them into memorable songs since he finally feels like he found his place in the world and finally belongs somewhere. So, wanting to send this message to his fans. This album has to be one of his bests so far!

1. ‘teresa’

‘teresa’ is one of the first songs Dom wrote for this album. In this one, he just wanted to be creatively free. That is why the music sounds like a mix of The Beatles and Queen. The song tells the story of a boyfriend who died and looks over his girlfriend in death. This is Dom sending a message to his fans about how they are always gonna be together no matter what or where they are. Dead or alive, they are connected.

2. ‘cotton candy’

‘cotton candy’ is a song about sex, where all the rules are thrown out of the window, and YUNGBLUD expresses his sexuality freely. He wants his fans to express themselves as free as they want and without fear. Because of the song’s title, the song had to be as ‘cotton candy’ as it gets, and he apparently recorded this song just in his underpants, and the baseline was recorded on an iPhone. Unbelievable how good it turned out!

3. ‘strawberry lipstick’

strawberry lipstick‘ is supposed to be an explosion like songs from The Sex Pistols and was the last song to be recorded for the record. Dom wrote this song when he was back in LA, and he missed home, so he sang it as British as he could. The song is about reclaiming his country’s flag as he believes there are too many negative connotations about the Union Jack lately. He really just wants to go crazy, redefining what the flag means, and it turned into an incredible banger! 

4. ‘mars’

mars‘ is the most meaningful song on the album to fans and YUNGBLUD himself. It was, of course, inspired by David Bowie but also a young trans girl Dom met during a show in Maryland. She told him how she found a place in his fandom to be herself and how bringing her parents to the show showed them that she was never their son, but their daughter, and they accepted her for who she was. ‘mars’ is truly inspiring and makes you cry in an instant.

5. ‘superdeadfriends’

This track is the first-ever YUNGBLUD has rapped on. He recorded this song when he was angry and frustrated during the lockdown. People wanted him to make music for TikTok, more along the lines of Hip-Hop and Trap. But he wanted to make a song that sounded like the Beastie Boys meet the Happy Mondays and it totally worked out!

6. ‘love song’

‘love song’ is entirely new to anything YUNGBLUD has done before. It’s a passionate rock ballad, and the song is mainly for his sisters. It is the most challenging song Dom has ever written. He was always protecting his sisters, but he left home relatively young, so they were left to deal with their parents alone. According to him, his sisters are the strongest people he has ever met, and he hopes they find out what love really is meant to be. Since he has met someone who showed him how to love, after getting not the best example from his parents, YUNGBLUD just wants to share love since he is so surrounded by it.

7. ‘god save me, but don’t drown me out’

This track goes really hard and resonates with anyone who has ever felt not good enough. The song came to life during a moment of doubt Dom had while he was working on the album. He wants to express his anger and frustration about the pressure people are sometimes put under and how suffocating it can be. It does make for an amazing song just to let loose and go all out too.

8. ‘ice cream man’

‘ice cream man’ is a song about anger and in a genre highly requested by the fans. He joked how this track is just him being angry about someone putting strawberry sauce on his ice cream. If anger was a song it would be this one!

9. ‘weird!’

 ‘weird!‘, which gave this album its name, is about the weirdest years of people’s lives. The years you learn and grow the most. Dom relates to this song as so much happened to him in just one year. His success blew up, he almost lost his mom, and he felt lost about where he was and wanted to be in life. However, such a weird time needs to happen in everyone’s life in order to grow up.

10. ‘charity’

‘charity’ is supposed to be just a fun heavy-hitting song to let loose. But it also sends the message that kids, in general, are told to think for themselves. They are supposed to follow the rules and not question the adult’s actions and how much that is wrong. Let’s rebel against the system with this mega bop!

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11. ‘acting like that’ ft. MGK

acting like that‘ brings back the power duo that is MGK and YUNGBLUD with Travis Barker on the drums and production. They are here to bring fans yet another bop! The song is about an eccentric girl that is way too hot to be ‘acting like that.’ The track is a fantastic follow-up to the team’s first project together, ‘I Think I am OKAY,’ and their other project that included The Used, ‘bodybag,’ which features on MGK’s latest album. ‘acting like that’ represents the feelings of just wanting to be free and ultimately letting go. We love this one and hope to see more collaborations of this magnitude from them. 

12. ‘it’s quiet in beverly hills’

As its title suggests, this track is about Dom’s time in Hollywood and how much he hated Hollywood. He didn’t recognize himself there anymore and didn’t feel like he wanted to be there. The artist missed his home, missed fish and chips, and the cold weather. This song also sends a message to the fanbase that every time he gets into the dark, they pull him out. They support him and are there for him.

13. ‘the freak show’

‘the freak show’ is a perfect ending to this incredible album. YUNGBLUD just wanted to express himself in this one, and that’s why it sounds so massive. It’s about being himself and telling everyone to be themselves. Furthermore, underlining the overall message of the album to be unapologetically you. This album is truly for the fans and how YUNGBLUD is a safe space for anyone. No matter what changes and how many times you break, there will always be someone who will keep on believing in you.

Image Source: YUNGBLUD via Giphy

Now, this was truly a deep album, and we need some time to recover from it. Here at the Honey Pop, we hope YUNGBLUD is here to stay for a long time, and we will get more amazing music from him! So, what is your favorite track on the album? Which song hit you the most? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

Need even more Yungblud in your life? We’ve got you covered.


Featured Image Source: Tom Pallant

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