Chris Brown & Young Thug Go Back in Time in ‘City Girls’ Music Video

Chris Brown & Young Thug Go Back in Time in ‘City Girls’ Music Video

A high action video for a slow vibes hit, Chris Brown and Young Thug give fans a short film for their new single ‘City Girls.’

Playing on the title name, the lyrics describe a woman who just likes to have fun and live their life. Chris shows his lyrical genius as he sings “got them, girls, on tour going city after city”. Playing into the title name even more, and he really got us with a wow moment when we hear the iconic line from ‘Act Up’ by the City Girls, the rap duo of the same name.

“Real a** b*tch, give a fck ’bout a n*gga”

The burlesque dancers on the stage portray this mindset perfectly as they own the stage, catching all of Chris Brown’s attention in the 1940s set club.

A rival group approaches before a mafia-style shoot out plays out, giving us Old Hollywood vibes. Helping set the scene, even more, Brown enlisted Lillo Brancato Jr, who starred in A Bronx Tale with Robert De Niro, to narrated the seven-minute video. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Chris Brown video without him being the hero and saving the girl and the day.

A Special Short Film
Image Source Courtesy of RCA Records

Not only will you be mesmerized by the movements of the dancers in this short film, but you know Chris had to put in some smooth moves of his own. Reminding us that he is one of the greatest performers of our generation, Chris Brown never disappoints. And this collaboration with Young Thug continues to prove that he’ll always be a top contender in the music game. To show for it, he was the most awarded entertainer of the year at this year’s Soul Train Music Awards!

Chris Brown and Young Thug brought home Song of the Year, Best Collaboration, and Best Dance Performance for their hit song “Go Crazy” from their joint mixtape, Slime & B for this year’s Soul Train Awards! It’s been streamed over 988 million times since its release over the summer!

We can’t wait to see if the duo has any other visuals planned for the project, but until then, you can watch the video for ‘City Girls’ below!

Chris Brown, Young Thug – ‘City Girls’

What did you think of the ‘City Girls’ video? Do you have a favorite track off of Slime & B? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!



Featured Image Source Courtesy of RCA Records

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