Sinéad Harnett Delivers Sweet Yet Powerful Music Video For ‘Take Me Away’

Sinéad Harnett Delivers Sweet Yet Powerful Music Video For ‘Take Me Away’

The moment we heard Sinéad Harnett’s ‘Take Me Away‘ featuring Earthgang, we knew it was special, and it gave us the much-needed mental escape amid the craziness of 2020! Fast forward a couple of months after the release of the song, and we have a music video to go along with it. We’ve got to say– it is just as wonderful!

We’re digging the vibe in this video directed by Andre Muir. Much like the feel of the single, the ‘Take Me Away’ music video also laidback. Sinéad and the others are featured in the video, including Johnny Venus of Earthgang! They take their time sipping on drinks, letting the wind blow through their hair while they’re on long drives in the hills, and enjoying the company of their friends! Overall, it emulates the same light, and airy feel as she sings the lyrics; we loved it at first listen.

However, other than the sweet release we get from the ‘Take Me Away’ video, it also dives deep into a significant topic. Especially in a year that has been brought to flame for a pivotal change in representation and equality, the music video incorporates inclusiveness with a diverse cast! To close the video, the cast members take to the screens as the credits roll, speaking candidly about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. With that being said, making a video like ‘Take Me Away’ is so crucial!

With all this buzz over her amazing new music video, we’re also excited to announce Sinéad’s plans to release her sophomore album in 2021! ‘Take Me Away’ and among others such as her recent single ‘Stickin‘’ will be on the album! No surprise here, but ‘Take Me Away’ also reached the milestone of one million streams on Spotify! We can’t wait for her new album, especially since we’ve become such a diehard fan of her! What can we say? We love our girl!

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Featured Image Source: still courtesy of ‘Take Me Away’ Official Music Video

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