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The Academic Gave A Virtual Show to Remember to Close Out 2020

The Academic Gave A Virtual Show to Remember to Close Out 2020

The creativity artists are putting out for their fans in the vein of live music this year is astounding. The Academic made sure not to let fans down at their live virtual show last week at the famous Jealous Wall at Belvedere House Gardens & Park in Mullingar, Ireland.

The haunting and beautiful backdrop allowed for a gorgeous wall to shine the many stage lights off of, and the historic site lit up behind The Academic was a sight to see!

Wondering why the band chose this beautiful location as their setting? Well not only did it give fans a unique view, but it was also in their hometown, making this a hometown show. As we know, with our concert experience, those are always just a little more special!

When we talked about the idea of performing a live show with no audience and in the context of
streaming, we knew we had to make it something unique and special so when the idea to play at
The Jealous Wall came up we were really excited by it. It also gives us an opportunity to get a lot of
people back to work including our crew who have been hit harder than most this year.

Said Vocalist Craig Fitzgerald in a Recent Press Release

The energetic performance with the killer setlist that The Academic put together was one for the books, and we felt the vibes straight through our screen. The band was sure to play their newest project, the Acting My Age EP, as well as many fan favorites. Check out their full setlist below!

  1. Superlike
  2. Mixtape 2003
  3. Sunroof
  4. Television
  5. Why Can’t We Be Friends
  6. Thought I Told You
  7. Anything Could Happen
  8. I Feel It Too
  9. Acting My Age
  10. Northern Boy
  11. Happy Hour
  12. Girlfriends
  13. Unspoken
  14. Bear Claws
  15. Different
  16. Them

We can only hope that we get back to live music soon, but this virtual show gave us some spring back in our step and a nice closeout to 2020! And if The Academic’s live show wasn’t enough, they recently released the music video for their remake of Mud’s 1975 track, ‘Lonely This Christmas,’ a feeling that many may feel this year due to being apart from the pandemic. But, The Academic is here to remind you that you aren’t alone!

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Did you get to catch the virtual show? What was your favorite song performed? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Wolff

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