We Know You’re Not ‘Bad Kids’, That’s Why You’ve Already Heard Royal & The Serpent’s New Song!

We Know You’re Not ‘Bad Kids’, That’s Why You’ve Already Heard Royal & The Serpent’s New Song!

Not only has Royal & The Serpent toured with Yungblud, digitally, that is, but she just officially released ‘Bad Kids’ ft. Yoshi Flower and we’re in love! Fans got a taste of ‘Bad Kids’ during the digital tour performance, and couldn’t wait for the official release. Now that the wait is finally over, we can confidently say it was worth it!

First of all, let’s talk about how sick this video is. Who doesn’t love a healthy dose of technological nostalgia nowadays? In the age of TikTok and Instagram, it’s always fun to see VHS/home video style music videos and visualizer. It brings us back to the good old days of our childhood. It’s fitting, really; the song title is ‘Bad Kids’ after all, emphasis on kids

Royal and Yoshi’s voices blend together so smoothly on this track, singing about “what happened to bad kids”. The track is immensely catchy, with a hook that’s sure to get stuck in your head. This song appeals to the inner bad kid in all of us, we all feel like rebels against society every now and then. Royal & The Serpent and Yoshi Flower remind us with this track that being a little rebellious isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s part of life.

'Bad Kids'? Nah, it's just Royal & The Serpent and Yoshi Flower!
Image Source: Conner Sorenson

If you want more from Royal & The Serpent, go check out her latest EP! And don’t forget to keep up with her, and more of your favourite artists here! Show some love for your faves over on Twitter, you can find us @thehoneypop and connect with us Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Conner Sorenson/ Atlantic Records

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