Julia Michaels And JP Saxe Are ‘Kissin’ In The Cold,’ Enjoying The Holiday Vibe!

Julia Michaels And JP Saxe Are ‘Kissin’ In The Cold,’ Enjoying The Holiday Vibe!

Julia Michaels and JP Saxe have reunited to get you all loved up, in the warm holiday spirit!

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriters and our adorable loved up couple, Julia Michaels  and JP Saxe, have unveiled their brand new heartwarming holiday song, titled ‘Kissin’ In The Cold’ via Arista Records, showcasing their dynamic talent. Produced by Benjamin Rice, this gut-wrenching and emotional tune is studded with mellifluous vocals and soul-stirring relatable lyrics, written together by Julia & JP Saxe.

Single cover for Kissin' In The Cold via Arista Records
Single cover for ‘Kissin’ In The Cold’
Image Source: via Arista Records/Sony Music

This latest collaboration follows their 2019 platinum-certified hit ‘If The World Was Ending,’ which recently earned them a GRAMMY nomination for ‘Song of the Year’ and became an anthem of sorts for 2020 (You know, COVID). Produced by five-time Grammy Award Winner FINNEAS, ‘If The World Was Ending’ resonated well with their audience and was deeply appreciated by the fans across the globe. Which resulted in the song garnering over, a billion streams across streaming platforms and over 120 million views on the official music video.

As Julia begins with,
Another year, another grey, another friend who moves away / Seems we’re getting older every day / My sister has a baby now, the other one is writing vows, / I hardly recognize this busy town,”
She is detailing how they’re growing up, and life around them is slowly changing and opening new chapters. Continuing further with,
Time goes by and lovers turn to strangers / People stop believing, / But there’s one thing that I know / We’ll still be kissing in the cold,”
Both singers harmonize together singing about feeling the comfort in being together through it all, followed by a bittersweet chorus towards the ending.

Watch the aesthetically beautiful lyric video of ‘Kissin’ in The Cold’ below:

Recently, Julia Michaels released her latest single ‘Lie Like This’ from her highly anticipated album, expected to be released in 2021. JP Saxe is also planning to release new music in early 2021 with an album to follow.

Stream and listen to ‘Kissin’ In The Cold’ here!

What do you think of this new song? We’re not gonna lie, we’re absolutely in love with it and smitten by these two; we’re listening to ‘Kissin’ In The Cold’ on the loop. What is your favorite part of the song? Let us know in the comments down below or by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP! You can also connect to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Arista Records/Sony Music

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