Bayside Gears Up For The Release Of Acoustic Volume 3

Bayside Gears Up For The Release Of Acoustic Volume 3

Bayside gears up for Acoustic Volume 3, dropping Friday, December 11th via Hopeless Records by dropping two new live videos. 

Renowned, punk as hell, Bayside has shared with us fans two tracks from their forthcoming album. Following the newest original track ‘Light Me Up,’ the band’s new album will hold four other classic Bayside songs re-worked, re-imagined, and really god damn magical.

The band has released a series of live video performances of the three tracks – two of which recently dropped. ‘Not Fair,’ a jam from the iconic Vacancy album, is quick and punchy, a sound that we admire and expect from Bayside. The re-worked version provides a smoother acoustic track while still giving us that original Bayside framework. While life isn’t fair right now, this song is making things a lot more level. Give it a spin here:

Bayside – ‘Not Fair’

Producing a nostalgia for our teenage youth, the band also re-imagines ‘Poison In My Viens’ from the boys’ debut studio album Sirens and Condolences. This version allows us to hear the band and how much their sound has evolved as they deliver an incredible acoustic performance of their earlier creations. Which kicks major ass. As anticipated, the song is full of instrumental proficiency and those unmatchable vocals. We couldn’t love it more.

Bayside – ‘Poison In My Veins’

Are you as ready as we are for the drop of Acoustic Volume 3? We know that they never disappoint when it comes to new tunes, and they’re pretty much pros at the whole acoustic album thing. So our hopes are high, and doubts are low. 

Now that we’ve let you know our thoughts – give us yours! Leave a comment below or give us a shout on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Hopeless Records

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