It’s A Point North Christmas! Enjoy The Holiday With Their Spin On A Christmas Classic!

It’s A Point North Christmas! Enjoy The Holiday With Their Spin On A Christmas Classic!

Who doesn’t love Christmas music? It makes the season bright and cheerful. Not to mention, it gives us a fantastic soundtrack to all the holiday movies. Over the years, there have been many original Christmas songs, covers of the classics, and everything in between. Added to the catalog is Point North’s Christmas cover, their take on ‘All I Want For Christmas,’ and it’s sure to bring you some holiday cheer! 

If you’re a fan of Point North’s, you’ll love this song! It’s a Christmas cover, sure, but it has their undeniable flair to it. A Point North Christmas is just what we needed; it’s like the perfect pop-punk Christmas of our dreams! And it’s not just Christmas songs that they do so well; they released an album earlier this year, which you need to check out if you haven’t already. Do we wonder if there’s a possibility of a full Point North Christmas album one day? Or maybe some more pop-punk Christmas covers? Who knows, ’tis the season, right? 

Point North Christmas Song? Yes please
Image Source: Niles Gregory Gibbs

What do you think of Point North’s cover? What’s your favorite Christmas song? Any more covers you wanna hear? Hit us up and let us know, you can find us over @TheHoneyPOP and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Niles Gregory Gibbs

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