Liam Payne & Dixie D’Amelio Show Us How Fun it is to Be on The ‘Naughty List’

Liam Payne & Dixie D’Amelio Show Us How Fun it is to Be on The ‘Naughty List’

Ah, the holiday season! If you couldn’t tell, here at THP, we’re very excited about all things festive. Now, we have something to add to our excitement for the holidays, Liam Payne and Dixie D’Amelio’s music video for their song ‘Naughty List.’

For those that need some catching up, a few weeks ago, the pair dropped their Christmas song ‘Naughty List’ after hinting about it on TikTok. We instantly became fans of the song and had been streaming it ever since. Fast forward to now, and the pair have released the music video for the song, and we could hardly contain our excitement.

The video goes along perfectly with the vibe of ‘Naughty List.’ We can’t help be swoon over Liam and how much fun he seems to be having (can we get our own snowglobe with Liam in it, please)! Dixie also looks stunning in her glittery suit, and we’re reminded that while we weren’t expecting these two to pair up, their voices work together to bring us a song that lets us enjoy the holiday season. The video adds to this fun, and if it put a smile on our faces, we bet that it will 100% put one of yours.

Liam has been killing the TikTok game, from his own fun videos to collaborating with some of our favorite TikTokers like Abby Roberts. We love seeing him use the platform for some fun on the side and as a way to promote his music. We hope to see more from Liam soon, and something tells us that things might be in the works already!

So, what did you think of the ‘Naughty List’ music video? Has it gotten you in the Christmas spirit? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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